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Why Did God Send the Messenger of the Covenant in our Times?

Praise be to God! There is no other god except God. As predicted in verse 3:81 of the Quran, God has sent a messenger to consolidate the messages delivered by all the prophets, purify them, and unify them into one religion: Submission. The timing was certainly ripe for fulfillment of this important prophecy, for the following reasons:

  1. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have been corrupted beyond recognition.
  2. All God’s messages have been delivered; the Quran is the Final Testament.
  3. The majority of the humans destined to ever exist are not born yet in this world.


The best illustration of today’s corrupted Judaism can be found in the books   of a famous Rabbi; Harold S. Kushner. In his best seller WHEN BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE, Avon Books, 1981, Rabbi Kushner states:


If Jesus came back to life today, the Christians would crucify him. Outstanding Christian scholars have reached solid conclusions that today’s Christianity has nothing to do with Jesus, and that its doctrine was mortally distorted at the infamous Nicene Conferences (325 A.D.). See THE MYTH OF GOD INCARNATE, Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1977.


If Muhammad came back to this world, the “Muslims” would stone him to death. The religion they follow today has nothing to do with the Islam (Submission) preached by Abraham and Muhammad. Even their basics are distorted. Their First Pillar (Shahaadah) is distorted. According to the Quran, in verse 3:18, the Shahaadah is “La Elahe Ila Allah”, while according to them the “Shahaadah” is “La Elaha ila Allah, Muhammad Resululllah”, which you can not find in the Quran as a Shahaadah. They also have distorted their call to prayer, and the Salat by commemorating Muhammad instead of devoting them only to God, as the Quran tells us to do. The Quran describes in detail the four steps of ablution (Wudu), but they do 9 or more steps which are not found in the Quran. The Quran tells us to go to Hajj in Mecca. Almost all of them in practice consider Medina as part of their Hajj. Even if they don’t admit it, the fact that they can’t go to Mecca without going to Medina proves what they really believe. There is a perfectly good airport in Mecca (the Jeddah airport), but most of them choose to fly in Medina or from Medina, because that’s how they envision Hajj, outside of what the Quran tells them Hajj is.

“A Religion Never Authorized by God” (42:21)

The extent to which Islam (Submission) has been corrupted is illustrated in the following table:

This is only a minute sample of the violations committed by the “Muslims” on a daily basis. This is why God sent His Messenger of the Covenant for our times.