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Where are the ancient gods?

Praise be to God. There is no other god except God. Praise be to Him, also because for centuries he has defeated the enemies of believers. And this is part of the cosmic experiment which is being unraveled and proven through the constant struggle between believers and disbelievers. This experiment is one of the proofs which shows that there is no other god except God. See, before this world was created, every living creature knew that there is a God. Our souls were created by Him, and we knew that God exists. Satan knew that God exists. That was not contested. The existence of God was never a hot debate between believers and disbelievers. Before we came to this world, the hot issue was whether there were also other gods. And practically, it is not possible to prove that there are no other gods without some kind of experiment, because the disbelievers in the previous life could always claim that there are other gods who maybe are not showing themselves to us. “We know about God, but could there be other hidden gods?” Well, if they have no effect on us at all, whatever is hidden out there, it’s not a god. A God is only someone who can control everything. So, to prove that there are no other gods except God, God let a continuous battle happen between believers and disbelievers, and if there are any other hidden gods, they would have some kind of effect on this experiment, and the results which God promised would not happen, or they would happen slightly differently from what God predicted. But, if only God exists, and no other god interferes, because they don’t exist, then the events will unravel exactly as God predicted, as God promised us. And God’s prediction or promise is that ultimately the believers will win, and ultimately at the end of the experiment the whole world will agree that there is no other god except God. There will still be disbelievers who will think that there is no God at all, but that is an easy issue to solve, once they reach the next world. The more problematic issue is to prove that there are no other gods beside God. So, basically, the battle against atheism is not our battle. The existence of God is proven and will be proven anyway in the next world. There was no need to create this world to prove that there is a God. That is known in the next world anyway. Our battle is the battle against idol worship. A battle which will prove that not only there is a God, which is easy to prove, but that there are also no other gods, which is the real battle. And this battle has been going on since the ancient times. And we are part of a matrix in a cosmic battle where our role is to show that no other gods existed, because we won while being on God’s side.

Now, this cosmic battle is supposed to prove two things:

1. That there is no other visible god, except God.

2. That there is no other invisible god, except God.

Again, the first part is easier to prove, because all the visible fake gods are pretty much proven to be fake gods, because they were destroyed. This battle has been won for quite some time. For example, when Abraham destroyed the idols, the visible fake gods, that proved that they are not gods.

However, the second battle, the battle which will prove that there are also no invisible gods except God lasts longer, because it requires more proof. And when we talk about invisible fake gods, we are talking about gods like Zeus, or Apollo or other imagined ancient gods, like the Greek ones, and Egyptian ones, and the Babylonian ones, those which they claimed are not seen, invisible to us, beyond this world. Now, again as we said, it’s easy to prove that idols (visible so called “gods”) are not gods because you can just destroy them, but once people claim that there are other gods beyond this world where we can not reach, then it becomes a problem to prove that they don’t exist, unless you let the people make those claims, and you also make your statement that there is only one God, and then we battle it out, and see who wins, and that will prove that we had our God’s support, while they lacked support from anything, from anything which they imagined, and therefore they don’t have a god. If our God is the true god, then he will help us win against our enemy, and if their gods exist, if their gods are the true gods, they will help them win against us. And this battle is what we call the cosmic battle. And this battle is almost over. All the people who clearly claimed false gods lost. They don’t exist anymore. For example, there are no people who believe in Zeus anymore, after centuries of claims. The claims for Zeus vanished, the claims for Apollo vanished, while the claim for God still keeps going on. And this battle against fake invisible gods is not completely over, because there are still claims of Hindu gods and small pockets of African god’s like voodoo types and ancestral worship and things like that, but this is only about 3% of the world GDP. So, only 3% of the strength of the world has remained with explicit open idol worshipers, while 97% of the world strength is now on the side of those who do not openly claim that there are other gods.

Implicitly, inside their heart, most of them are still evil anyway, but at least openly, they don’t claim it. Jews don’t claim that there are other gods except God. Christians don’t claim that there are other gods except God. Muslims don’t claim that there are other gods except God. They shut up, because the idea that there are other gods beside God is almost defeated by now, 97% done. In the past 99% of people claimed that there are other gods. Only 90% were on the evil side, but they killed the good ones, because the good ones did not have the religion to teach them how to protect themselves, so the main form of going to heaven for good people before Abraham was simply being killed by the bad people, who worshiped idols, and the world population was pretty much 99% explicit idol worshipers. But today, it’s only 3%.

So, explicit idol worship, open idol worship, idol worship which people knew that it was idol worship, was 99% widespread in the past among disbelievers. Now it has decreased down to 3%. As you can see, we are winning. Even that remaining 3% will vanish before the End of the World. Hinduism will vanish before the end of the world. Atheism will still exist towards the end of the world, because that is not part of the battle, but Hinduism will vanish, or be updated to such a degree where it leaves idol worship behind, where it’s not idol worship anymore – explicit idol worship. Christianity will exist, because they claim basically the same God. Judaism will still exist because they claim basically the same God, and Islam will still exit because they basically claim the same God, and all the other religions which do not claim any kind of god, maybe like Buddhism, they can exist until the end of the world, because they are not really religions – they are just spirituality – but religions which claim another god beside God can not exist until the end of the world. So the battle is almost over, 97% done. Thousands of claims of invisible gods by the ancient people have already been defeated, and only a few more have remained to be defeated. So, unlike today, where most battles are battles for power, and nation, the battles of the past were done for gods. The ancient people fought so that their god can be the winner. They believed that the other party also has a god, according to them, and that they have their own god, so let’s fight and see who wins, and according to them, since our god is stronger, he will help us defeat them, and therefore we will show that our god is stronger, and this will be a way to honor him. Which is why verse 4:76 says, “Those who believe are fighting for the cause of God, the only true God, while those who disbelieve are fighting for the cause of other “gods”.” Now, it is important to notice that the word used here in this verse is “taghuti” which actually means superpower. Today, superpowers are usually considered to be the larger nations, but in the past, their fake gods were considered to be the superpowers. In ancient Greek mythology, for example, they are known as “Titans”, which means some strong ones beyond this world. So, essentially, the ancient disbelievers fought so that their fake gods, the superpowers, could win, while the believers, which in the very ancient times, as nations were basically just the Children of Israel, they also fought for their own god. And after thousands of years of battles, the God of Israel has won, almost completely won, and this battle for the God of Israel vs. for the other gods is captured in verse 10:90 which says, “We delivered the Children of Israel across the sea. Pharaoh and his troops pursued them, aggressively and sinfully. When drowning became a reality for him, he said, “I believe that there is no other god except the One in whom the Children of Israel have believed; I am a submitter.” So, basically, the God of Israel defeated the fake gods of other nations. And the God of Israel is the God of Moses, the God of Muhammad, the God of Jesus, the God of all believers. So, our God is winning. He has won for thousands of years, and he is still winning. Our God is winning. We are winning. WE ARE WINNING. WE ARE WINNING.  GOD IS WINNING. GOD IS WINNING. The devil hates it when we say it like this. Let us make him hate us even more. WE ARE WINNING. WE ARE WINNING. WE ARE WINNING. GOD IS WINNING. GOD IS WINNING. GOD IS WINNING. The devil hates us so much right now, because we say it like this. He hates us. His schemes are shortsighted. For example, he wanted to make the ancient Greeks believe in Apollo for example. Where is Apollo now? He does not exist. He never existed. Where is Zeus? Where is Prometheus? Where is Poseidon? Where are the Babylonian gods? Where is Enlil? Where is Enki? Where is Utu? Where are the Persian gods? Where is Mithra? Where is Atar? Where is Haoma? Where are the Scandinavian and German gods? Where are the Egyptian “gods”? Where is Horus? Where is Amun? Where are the Phoenician “gods”? Where is Baal? Where are the Arabian gods? Where is Allat, Al Uzzah, and Manat? If the Quran did not mention the Arabian false gods, we would never know that people ever believed in them? They don’t exist; the false beliefs don’t last.

So, the battle of monotheists against idol worshipers, which is actually the only battle that matters, is 97% done, and we are winning. God is winning. We are winning the cosmic battle of ideas. This is a marathon battle which lasted from the time of Adam until now, and just like in a marathon, the athletes, us, are terribly tiered towards the end. The will to fight this battle has become very week these days. We have slowed down compared to the ancient athletes, but once you see the finish line, the athletes are ready to give it one last push. We can see the finish line now. We know the End of the World now, so let’s try to push for one final sprint. The athletes of the past, the believers of the past, ran and ran and ran without seeing the finish line, and it takes great belief to keep on going when you don’t see the finish line, but we can see the finish line now, so let’s gather our strength and execute our final struggle in the battle of ideas. The idea that there are other gods besides God is about to be defeated forever, and never come back. And all the creatures in all of the universe, the angels, the humans, the jinns, the animals, they will know once and for all, and not only believe, but they will also know, that there is no other god except God.