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Three Messengers, One Mahdi


Introducing All the Modern Messengers from the Quran

Herein we introduce you to all of God’s messengers destined to come to the global urbanized world.

By ‘global urbanized world’, we are talking about the world which functions like one large city, where people can communicate and trade within the same day. This has become a reality since the 1980s – since the invention of the internet, and electronic trading. So, by ‘global urbanized world’, we mean all the people who live from the year 1980 until the End of the World, which will come in the year 2280. You can verify how to know for sure when the world will end in the other clarification by Alban Fejza titled “The End of the World”, but the fact that we know it now has also enables us to identify and prove all the messengers of God who will come to the modern world. Here is how:

In verse 28:59, God says that He never destroys any community without sending a messenger in it. This means that God will not destroy the last community, the people before the end of the world, without sending a messenger to them. So, this means that there will be a messenger sent just before the End of the World – the last messenger. Now, let’s imagine for a moment that you are that last messenger, and you are living in the year 2270, ten years before the End of the World. Let’s say that you decide to read the Quran, and you say to your computer, “Computer, recite the Quran for me, please; any chapter.” Computer: “OK, Sir”

“Chapter 36

[36:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

[36:1] Y. S.

[36:2] And the Quran that is full of wisdom.

[36:3] Most assuredly, you are one of the messengers.”

So, through the computer, God is confirming to the last messenger that he is a messenger. Listen in the further verses what God says to the last messenger. He says,

“[36:13] Mention for them the example of the urbanized world that received the messengers.

[36:14] When we sent to them two, they disbelieved them. We then strengthened them by a third. They said, “We are messengers to you.”

So, here God is asking the last messenger to mention three previous messengers who came to the urbanized world. So, this means that there are three earlier messengers who are sent to the urbanized world. But where exactly in this timeline do they come? Further down, verse 36:20 says:

[36:20] A man came from the other side of the urbanized world, saying, “O my people, follow the messengers.

So, here we see that the three messengers are on one side of the urbanized world, and the man is on the other side. Since the man knows about the messengers, he must be at the later side of the urbanized world. This means that the three messengers are at the beginning of the urbanized world. So, we just identified three messengers at the beginning of the urbanized world.

But who exactly are they? What is their role? What is their mission? What is their fate? What are their names? How can we know for sure that they are God’s messengers? Do we have definite proof? You can find the answers to all these questions in detail here. But first, let’s list those messengers:

  1. The Messenger of the Covenant, mentioned in verse 3:81.
  2. The Clarifying Messenger, mentioned in 44:13 and 43:29.
  3. The Strengthening Messenger, mentioned in 69:40 and 81:19.
  4. The Guide Messenger, (in Arabic ‘the Mahdi’) mentioned in 48:28, 61:9, 9:33.

There are no other messengers mentioned in the Quran who will come after prophet Muhammad; only these four. Three of them in one side of the modern world, and the other one in the other side of the modern world. And the Quran mentions that they have specific duties, which is why they have a specific description attached to the word “messenger”. So, Covenant Messenger, Clarifying Messenger, Strengthening Messenger, and Guide Messenger. They are all in the Arabic Quran. And their names are:

  1. Rashad Khalifa,
  2. Alban Fejza,
  3. Alhak Fejza (43:29, 9:33, 9:29, 9:48, 3:86, 4:170), and
  4. Ahmad or Muhammad (48:29, 61:6).

So, all their identities are made known to us now, and further below, we explain how God proves their identities to us, one by one. Let’s start with the first.


Proving the Messenger of the Covenant

The Messenger of the Covenant was Rashad Khalifa. He was a researcher who discovered the Mathematical Miracle of the Quran back in 1974, and then in 1980, God chose him as a messenger, and he finished his job in 1990. A few people think that Rashad Khalifa was God’s messenger because he brought the Mathematical Miracle as proof, but this is not logically correct (2:118), because Mary was supported with proof, with the virgin birth (3:47), but that did not make her a messenger (12:109). The seven sleepers of the cave got resurrected by God after 300 years (18:25), which is a miracle (18:9), but that did not make them messengers of God. So, Rashad never proved his messengership (5:99). He proved the Quran (3:81). Even according to him, the Mathematical Miracle of the Quran which he discovered proved the Quran, not his messengership. We can read his own words from the conclusion of his book titled “Quran, Visual Presentation of the Miracle”:


The physical evidence presented here proves:

  • The divine source of Quran
  • The perfect integrity and preservation of Quran”

So, according to Rashad, his discovery of the mathematical miracle of the Quran proves the Quran, not Rashad’s messengership. So, then how can we know for sure whether Rashad was a messenger of God?

Well, God proves him. We can know it from the information which God gave us, not from information which Rashad gave us. Here is how: God says in the Quran in verse 74:1 that the Mathematical Miracle of the Quran is one of the secrets of the Quran (74:31). Then, God says in verse 56:79 that no one can understand the secrets of the Quran except someone who is sincere. Therefore, according to God, Rashad Khalifa who discovered one of the deepest secrets of the Quran is a proven sincere person. So, God proves to us that Rashad Khalifa is a sincere person. According to God, a sincere person does not lie about God (6:93, 6:21, 4:50, 10:69). Therefore, when Rashad Khalifa said that he was a messenger of God, he did not lie. So, Rashad Khalifa is a messenger of God, because he said so, while God proved to us that he did not lie.

So, first messenger, Rashad Khalifa – PROVEN NOW.

Some people want to know how Rashad Khalifa knew himself that he was a messenger of God. That is another issue about hidden things. How did Jesus perform the miracles? How did Muhammad know that he was truly receiving revelation from God and was not having hallucinations? How do the wings of angels work? These are other issues about hidden things, but here we are talking about visible things, about physical verifiable proof for us: How we can know that Rashad was God’s messenger, not how Rashad himself knew that he was God’s messenger. We should use our own objective observations regarding Rashad, not Rashad’s subjective experiences, because they don’t prove anything to us.

Now, here is another way how God has proven objectively to us Rashad’s messengership. God says in Sura 2, verse 118, that He only shows his miracles to those who achieved certainty, complete belief, proven belief. Now, Rashad Khalifa did discover the Mathematical Miracle of the Quran. Therefore, according to God, he is a complete proven believer. And God says that complete proven believers do not lie about God (7:37). So then according to God, Rashad was not lying when he said that he was God’s messenger. So, again proven by God, but the Mathematical Miracle does not prove his messengership. The mathematical miracle proved the Quran, and then the Quran told us that he is God’s messenger. So, the Messenger of the Covenant is a proven messenger, and he predicted the coming of the next messenger after him, the Clarifying Messenger, Alban. Here are Rashad’s words:

“And soon enough, here comes Sheikh Albana, and I can tell you, the reason I know that I was fully awake is that I never never never never fall asleep when Sheikh Albana is reading Quran, and when I went for Hajj from here, I took with me a hundred cassette tapes, and I gave them to my brother Atif, and I told him specifically, “I want you to record anything that Albana comes with, whenever he comes on the radio or TV or anything – record it – these hundred tapes – I want them full of recitations of Sheikh Albana””

So, Sheikh Rashad never never never never falls asleep when Sheikh Alban reads the Quran, because Rashad is in Heaven now, and people do not sleep in Heaven. And this prediction is more accurate than that of Christians who say that Isaiah predicted Emmanuel and it turned out to be Jesus, or the Muslims who say that Jesus predicted Ahmad and it turned out to be Muhammad. But, these are simply indications, and they do not prove or disprove anything. Mentioning a name does not prove anything, because anyone can change his name and make it fit the prediction. That’s not how God proves His messengers. Instead, He gives us something which other people cannot imitate or change. He gives us conclusive proof. So, now let’s present the conclusive proof; how God proves the identity of the Clarifying Messenger; Alban.


Proving the Clarifying Messenger

God has informed Alban of future events. In Alban’s video titled “The End Times”, Alban inform us of all the important future events from now until the End of the World and beyond that. He makes more than 1000 future predictions in his videos. We are not talking about vague predictions like astrology nonsense which are not specific enough and they partly seem like they came true, because they are unspecified. If you said for example, “Something strange will happen to you this week.” A lot of things can be strange. That’s not specific. We are talking about specific news from the future, with specific information, and years when they will happen. Has anyone ever done that in human history? Prophet Joseph himself, who told people about several future events (12:37, 12:41, 12:47-49), would have been amazed by the future information which Alban tells the people, even though Alban is not worth washing Joseph’s feet (56:13-14). But God wants this generation to have the correct information from the future, because the End Times are near.

Therefore, since Alban tells us specific news from the future, with exact times and specific descriptions, then according to God, Alban must be His messenger. God says in Sura 72, verse 26 and 27, “God is the Knower of the future; He does not reveal the future to anyone. ONLY TO A MESSENGER that he chooses, does He reveal from the past and the future, SPECIFIC news.” God says this. So, it is impossible for a human being to inform you about specific news from the future, unless he is truly God’s messenger. So, according to what God says in verse 72:27, He identifies Alban as His messenger, because Alban gives us specific news from the future. In fact, Alban tell us all the important events of the future. So, the identity of the Clarifying Messenger is proven by God (72:27, 44:13). So, Alban, PROVEN NOW.

Someone might say, “Yes, but we would have to wait until those events happen, to see whether Alban told us the truth.” That’s a good argument, but not in this case, because Alban doesn’t just make the predictions, he proves the predictions now (6:105), before they happen. So, you do not have to wait to see whether Alban’s predictions will come true. He proves them now. You can verify Alban’s predictions logically, and see for yourself that they must happen. Let’s take an easy example to show how Alban’s future predictions are logically proven before they happen. For example, Alban predicts that the End of the World will come during the fall season. Now here is the proof: Sura 81, verse 4 says that when the End of the World comes, the ten-month pregnant camel will be abandoned. Now, since the mating season for Arabian camels is during winter, plus ten months of pregnancy, that means that the camels are ten months pregnant during the fall season. We can reach the same conclusion from these other verses – 3:117, 10:24, 68:17, and 106:2. But, this is an easy example of information from the future, which people did not know, but now you know, and Alban extracted it logically from the Quran, and you could just verify it, before it happens. Similarly, by logically combining a larger number of verses of the Quran, in his other videos, Alban makes more than 1000 future predictions, which are much deeper than this one. Every important future event.

For example, herein, Alban makes two specific future predictions about the two messengers who will come after him, and he completely proves his predictions. He proves their names, their times, their roles, their fate, and exactly who they are. And you can see the verse numbers (as references) which you can verify in the Arabic Quran. So, Alban shows us what will happen in the future, and also give us the proofs from the Quran (29:15). So, his future predictions are proven NOW through the Quran by God. Therefore, God proves Alban. Alban does not prove himself (6:19). It’s not Alban’s job to prove himself (5:99). God says that it is not the job of a messenger to prove himself (5:99, 40:78), but God proved Alban (72:27), God proved his messengership.


Even More Proof About the Clarifying Messenger – Alban

Another way in which God proves Alban’s messengership is through his Quranic explanations. In his videos:

  • Alban explains how God created the world in six days, in detail, in agreement with science. No one has done that before.
  • Alban explains how the universe is constructed, and he complete the understanding of the most fundamental cosmological questions. No one has done that before.
  • Alban explains the fundamental law of physics. No one has done that before.
  • Alban explains the fundamental axiom of mathematics. They have done it before, but most advanced modern mathematicians have gone in the wrong direction, because they believe in multiple infinities. Alban fixes and explains that.
  • Alban helps us understand how to navigate in the complicated modern world, while still upholding the Quran (Democracy, healthcare, social sciences, psychology, technology, internet, and so on).
  • Alban tells us all the important history: the beginning of the world, ancient times, Adam, and how we got here, and why science and religion seem not to be in agreement in this issue. You can completely see how they fit in Alban’s explanations about this. No one has done that before.
  • Alban tells us the locations of all events mentioned in the Quran. The important Geography. All of them. No one has done that before.
  • Alban solves the philosophical Problem of Evil. Basically, Alban explains why God created humans who will end up in hell? Why should Hell exist? Some of the greatest philosophers on earth, Kant, Leibniz, Calvin, have attempted to solve this philosophical problem, and they made amazing progress, but they still came short from the final answer. God guided me to fully crack this problem.
  • Alban explains the purpose of miracles and why there are no more miracles today. No one has done that before.
  • Alban informs us about the exact proportions of people who will go to Heaven and Hell, and their demographical characteristics. No one has done that before.
  • Alban explains to us when to pray and when to fast in the extreme Northern and Southern regions of the earth, where the day and the night last longer than 24 hours. Religious scholars have given personal opinions about this, but no one found the correct answer from the Quran before.
  • As a matter of fact – God gives Alban the answer to any important question which anyone will ever ask him (25:33). If this does not prove his messengership, then nothing will (17:89-93).

These are things which you could not find in any books, or any internet web page, because they were never discovered by anyone else before. So, since it is impossible that Alban learned these things from other books or from other people, Alban must have understood them directly from the Quran. And God says that no one can understand the Quran except the sincere (56:79, 17:46). Therefore, according to God, Alban is a sincere person, and a proven sincere person would not lie to you about such an important thing like being God’s messenger (6:93, 6:21, 4:50, 10:69). Therefore, according to God, Alban is telling you the truth when he says that he is His messenger. God would never allow a sincere person to declare messengership, if he is not. God’s system is perfect (33:62, 2:138). He did not send us in this earth to confuse us, to keep us guessing who is the true messenger and who is just pretending to be a messenger (2:99, 22:16). Instead, He made it simple (54:17, 20:2). He sends a messenger, and He identifies the messenger for the people in the Quran in a conclusive logical manner, and according to God’s logical identification, Alban is His messenger (72:27). It is impossible for Alban to manipulate God, and sneakily get access to the Quran, and future events from the Quran (17:45-46). No one can manipulate God (2:9). So, if you believe God, you will believe Alban (64:8).

In fact, Alban’s video clarifications are God’s way of fulfilling His promise to Muhammad when He revealed the Quran. He told Muhammad in verse 75:19, “Then it is we who will explain the Quran”.

Some people claim that when God uses the word “we”, He is only talking about Him and His angels, but not humans. Well, this is not correct, because just two verses before that, in verse 17, God says, “It is we who will collect it into Quran”, and we all know that humans collected the Quran. So, when God says “we” it often includes humans – the believers (2:83, 2:172, 2:267, Friday Sermon 10), which is why God calls us ‘My servants’ (2:186, 17:53), because we are involved in part of His work. Of course, God and His angles do things, but He involves the believers in some things. So, when it comes to explaining the Quran, God involves Alban and His angels through whom He explains the Quran (75:19). By the way, the Quran is clear. Alban does not clarify it. He explains it. He uses the Quran to clarify the complex issues of modern situations. So, Alban’s clarifying videos are clarifications from the Quran, and explanations of the Quran.

Another misconception which Submitters used to have in the past is that they thought that messengers should bring proof about their own messengership. They stretched this belief based on Rashad’s statement where he says, “God’s messengers are given divine, incontrovertible proof of their messengership”. Well, this statement is not the same as saying “the messengers should bring proof about their messengership”, because it’s different when God brings the proof and when the messenger brings the proof. God does not necessarily have to bring the proof through the messenger. The messengers do not bring proof about their messengership. They might bring proof, but not about their messengership. So, messengers are not obliged to bring proof, but in cases when they do, it’s never proof about their messengership. It’s proof about the message, and only if the message is new. You can learn more details about this in Alban’s clarifying video titled “Should messengers bring proof?”, but one thing is for sure: The Messenger of the Covenant never said that messengers should bring proof about their own messengership. Instead, here is what he said, here is what God says in the Quran: “The ONLY duty of a messenger is to deliver the message”. (5:99). Nothing else. God says this. God says in the Quran that messengers never brought proof, except in cases when God issues a new permission or a new commandment (new law) (40:78). Check this verse in the Arabic Quran and see for yourself. So, messengers are not sent by God to prove themselves. Instead, the messengers prove God, and God proves the messengers (6:19). This is how it has always worked.

So, the Messenger of the Covenant did not bring proof about his messengership. It was already there in the Quran, and it served to prove the Quran. The Messenger of the Covenant only discovered what was already there, and because he discovered it, we know that he was a sincere person who had proper access to the Quran, which is how we know that he was not lying to us when he said that he was God’s messenger.

Aaron, Joseph, Hud – none of them brought any proof to their people. God found a way to prove their messengerships to their people through other ways. He proved the messengership of Aaron, for example, through what Moses said, and Moses was proven. Moses said that Aaron is also God’s messenger and that was it. Proven through the word of another person who is proven not to lie. He proved the messengership Joseph through what Jacob said, and Jacob was proven, and He proves Alban’s messengership through what the Quran says, and the Quran is proven. By the way, even the messengers who brought proof to their people like Jesus, Moses, Abraham, they brought proof to their people, but they never brought proof to you, yet you believe that they were God’s messengers. We should believe them because God told us about them through the proven Quran, and God also tells us about Alban through the proven Quran. And, of course, the previous messengers were much better than the modern messengers, but this is not a good reason to reject the modern messengers. And, of course, a lot of the previous messengers were also prophets, and the modern messengers are not prophets. Alban is not a prophet. As we know, a prophet brings scripture, while a messenger only confirms existing scripture, and prophet Muhammad was the last prophet. However, God says not to make a distinction between messengers (prophet or not) by rejecting some of them and accepting others. We should accept all of them, because all messengers are a perfect fit for their own generation of believers. If Alban is not as good as Muhammad, you are also not as good as Ali. Muhammad was a perfect messenger for Ali, and Alban is a perfect messenger for us.

OK, now let’s explain how God proves the next messenger. The one who comes after Alban.


Proving the Strengthening Messenger

Let’s assume again for a moment that you are the last messenger living at the end of times, and let’s read verse 13:38. It says, “We have sent messengers before you, and we made them husbands with wives and children…”. So, this verse means that the three messengers who came before the last messenger will have children. Now, the Messenger of the Covenant already had children before he became a messenger, but Alban did not have children when he was chosen a messenger. Therefore, in this verse, God is telling Alban that he will have children in the future. See, again, future news through Alban. And God says in the Quran that He gives good news to the believers (17:9, 27:2, 9:21, 9:112, 11:69, 12:6), and warnings to the disbelievers. So, considering that Alban is a proven believer now as God’s messenger, the news about his child must be good news, which means that he will be a believer (37:101). Let’s explore further. According to God, we can never know for sure whether someone is a true believer (9:101), unless he is a messenger (2:285), or a saint (2:118). So, the only way we can know for sure that Alban’s child is a believer is if he is a messenger, or a saint. Saints are people who are supported with miracles (new proofs) – miracles are new proof – . And we know that that Mathematical Miracle of the Quran is the last miracle, and therefore Rashad Khalifa is the last saint, which means that Alban’s son can not be a saint, because Rashad was the last saint. But God already proved to us that Alban’s child is a believer, and since he is not a saint, he must be a messenger. So, the next messenger will be Alban’s son, Alhak – PROVEN NOW.

Based on this explanation, we can conclude that the son of a messenger will always become a messenger, unless he was born before his father was chosen a messenger, which would make him a son born to a non-messenger. God gave us many examples about this issue. The case of Moses, Solomon, Aaron, none of their sons were messengers, because they were born before their fathers became messengers. They were born to non-messengers. On the other hand, in the case of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Zacharia, their sons were also messengers, because their sons were born after they were chosen messengers – after their fathers were chosen messengers. So, now we can understand why Abraham and Zacharia did not have children until old age (11:72, 19:4). It is because God had planned for their sons to be messengers as well (Isaac and John), and He made sure that Abraham and Zacharia were messengers first, and then have their sons. In the same way, God has chosen Alban a messenger while he still didn’t have children, because He planned that Alban’s son will be the Strengthening Messenger.

By the way, the phrase “Strengthening Messenger” can also be translated from the Arabic as the “The honorable messenger”, or “The honored messenger”, because the groups who fought against Alban will end up honoring Alban’s son. Alban did the harder work, while Alhak gets the results after Alban is gone. Alhak’s will also get hard at some point, but he will come back stronger than before. God possesses all strength, and He knows what He is doing. By the way, Alhak is predicted by name in verses 43:29, 48:28, 9:33, and 61:9, but he will not know for sure that he is a messenger until Alban is gone, because Alhak could die at any time, like the sons of Muhammad died, and Alban could have another child. While Alban is alive, Alhak will be Alban’s disciple. A disciple is someone who is learning from a messenger how to become a messenger, like the disciples of Jesus who became messengers after Jesus. The Last Supper was their graduation ceremony, and Judas left the graduation ceremony early, and failed to become a messenger, but the 11 other disciples graduated and became messengers when Jesus was gone. The Christians call them “the Apostles” in Greek, which in English means “the messengers”. The 11 apostles of Jesus are not different from the four modern messengers. They carried the message of God based on what Jesus, the word of God, told them, and the modern messengers carry the message of God based on what the Quran, the word of God, tells them. This is explained further in Alban’s video titled “Communicating with God”.

So, from the time when Jesus was born until Jesus comes back, there are 19 messengers. Here they are:


A.D. Messengers and Their Titles

The Fates of A.D. Messengers

And all these 19 messengers are from the circumcised people, which means that they have at least some biological blood from Abraham.

Please pay attention that the only two messengers who attain victory in this life are the last prophet and the last messenger. Total victory comes in the end for the believers.

So now let’s see the proof about the last messenger, Ahmad, the Guide Messenger (the Mahdi in Arabic).


Proving the Guide Messenger

The proof about the Guide Messenger has to do with the Sacred Masjid in Mecca. The Sacred Masjid can be under the supervision of believers or disbelievers alike. In fact, just like with any other city, ten out of every eleven rulers of Mecca on average during history were disbelievers. However, the disbelievers have only one way of becoming supervisors of Mecca, while the believers have two ways. The disbelievers can only become supervisors by inheriting the authority, while the believers can either inherit it or liberate it from the previous group. The liberation or occupation of Mecca is impossible for disbelievers (27:91), because God protects Mecca. For example, the people of the elephant tried to occupy Mecca (105:1), and God protected Mecca by sending swarms of birds who threw stones upon them (105:2-5).

So, this means that if someone liberates Mecca from the previous dynasty, he is a proven believer by God, and therefore his word is true. So, because his word is true, if he claims to be God’s messenger, then he is truly God’s messenger. If he does not claim to be God’s messenger, then he is not God’s messenger. In other words, it is impossible for someone who liberates the Sacred Masjid to fake his messengership. So, the custodian of the Sacred Masjid can only be a true messenger or a true non-messenger, but he can not be a false messenger. God tells us that the messenger who liberates Mecca is called the Guide Messenger – the Mahdi (48:27-28). He is the Last Messenger.

Let me also inform you that the Mahdi, as a believer, will liberate Mecca without fighting at the Sacred Masjid (48:27). As you know, believers are not allowed to fight at the Sacred Masjid (2:191). So, when I say “liberate”, I mean “dominate peacefully”, initially with pressure from the outside, and then open it fully for Hajj for all believers.

Now, because it might not be easy to know whether someone liberated Mecca, or whether he simply inherited it from the ruling dynasty, because politics can be confusing in the last days, let me make it easier for you by telling you this: If the person does his Contact Prayer in a purified form like Rashad, Alban, and Alhak, that proves that he did not inherit the dynasty from today’s ruling Arabs, because they are against Rashad, Alban, and Alhak. Therefore, if he does the Contact Prayer like Rashad, Alban and Alhak, then his liberation of Mecca is a true liberation.

So, the Guide Messenger, the Mahdi, the last messenger is the person who fulfills these two conditions:

1). Liberates/dominates the Sacred Masjid in Mecca.

2). Does his Contact Prayer exactly like Rashad, Alban and Alhak, exactly like Abraham.

This is the Mahdi.

It is impossible for someone else to fulfill both of these conditions. Only the Guide Messenger will fulfill both of these conditions. Therefore, the identity of the last messenger is proven by God. PROVEN NOW.


Summary of Proofs

So, to summarize, according to the Quran, four types of people can not fake their messengership:

  1. Someone who proves the Quran.
  2. Someone who tells you the future.
  3. Someone who is born from an already appointed messenger.
  4. Someone who liberates Mecca.

God has made it impossible for these four types of people to fake their messengership. Therefore, anyone who fulfills any of these four conditions and claims to be a messenger of God, then he is truly a messenger of God. God has identified him for you.

And as pointed earlier, each of the four modern messengers fulfills one of these criteria. Rashad proved the Quran, Alban tells you the future, Alhak will be Alban’s son, and Muhammad or Ahmad (the Mahdi) will liberate Mecca, and therefore none of them could possibly be fake messengers. This means that when they claim that they are God’s messengers, they are God’s messengers. If any other person on earth fulfills one of these four conditions and claims to be a messenger, we should believe them, but it is just not going to happen. God has made it impossible for other people.

By the way, there is a reason why God chose to prove His messengers in these four different ways. It is because these are the four ways which do not put any burden on those who are witnesses to the proof (2:282). These are things which believers should do anyway. They are supposed to have a Quran anyway, so they can verify the Mathematical Miracle of the Quran. They are supposed to study the Quran anyway (47:24), so they can carefully examine Alban’s future predictions. They are supposed to attend the Friday Prayer anyway (62:9), where they can verify who Alban’s son is. They are supposed to go to Hajj anyway (2:196) and in this way they can be witnesses to the liberation of Mecca. See, in a similar way when Moses threw the staff and God turned it into a snake, it was done in a time and a place where people had gathered anyway (20:59). It was on the day of festivities when people had gathered to celebrate whatever festival they were celebrating (20:59). See, it is because of God’s mercy that He seems to change his style of proving his messengers (21:69, 37:107, 20:77, 21:87-88, 21:89-90). He does this to make sure that He always does it in such a way which will not put any additional burden on those who witness the proof (2:282). They should do whatever they are supposed to do as believers, and the proof will be there.

Also, these are the only ways to give access to the verification of the proof to all believers of the world without having to use the media. Media are like second-hand witnesses. Second-hand witnesses are not acceptable in religion and in court, because they can be faked. Anyone can turn a staff into a snake in a movie done with special effects, but in real life it’s practically impossible. So if God wants to prove his messengers to the whole world without using the media, it makes sense that he would do it in such a way where people would have access to verifying the proof, simply by doing whatever they are supposed to do anyway. All they need to do is to have a Quran, to attend the Friday Prayer, and to go to Hajj, and they will have access to verifying the proof.


Why 3+1 Messengers?

God has decided to send these four messengers in the modern world to fulfill His plan for the modern community of believers.

The plan:


By: Alban Fejza, the Clarifying Messenger