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The Stages of Soul Growth

Praise be to God! There is no other god except God. As we know, the human being consists of a soul and a body. They both grow in size and in age. The size and the age of the body are correlated, but they are not 100% correlated. Bodies stop growing after a while, while the age of the body keeps increasing. However, with souls age and size are the same thing, because souls grow towards the future. Bodies grow in space, but souls grow in time beyond space, and when souls grow in other dimensions, what happens is that they grow towards the future, and God willing, we will explain more about this in another video, but here let me just focus on the stages of growth of the soul. As, the soul grows towards the future it passes through certain thresholds to enter another stage.

So, the first threshold is the age of the body itself, and then the second threshold is the age of body at moment of death, and then the third threshold is the time when the End of the World will come, and then the fourth threshold is the time when the Judgment happens. So, these are specific threshold, which if the soul passes through them, as it travels towards the future, it enters another stage. The soul can pass all these points in time, even if the body is not there yet. So, the soul can grow towards the future and pass these thresholds, before the body gets there. So, now here are the stages of the soul: The blue lines represent the souls, while the black lines represent the stage thresholds.

If the soul is smaller than the age of the body, that soul is an unhappy soul. As this universe together with that body travel towards the future, they are actually dragging the soul behind it. This soul is always in a wanting stage. This soul is a soul which remained behind compared to the body.

Now, if the soul is bigger than the age of the body, then that soul is a submitter, a happy soul. So, because this stage depends on the age of your body, this means that it is much harder for an older body to become a submitter than a younger body. So, an old person is less likely to convert into submission, if he did not become a submitter in his youth, because the soul has to be much bigger to reach the stage of submission when the body is old.

So, again, a submitting soul is bigger than the age of the body, and this means that the soul precedes the body into the future. When the body reaches that point in the future, the soul has already been there, and this is reflected in dreams. The soul is disconnected from the body when we sleep, and sees future events, and then at the moment of reconnection, when we wake up, some of that information leaks, but the mind does not have all the necessary intricacies to make sense of what it just saw from the soul, so it distorts that information, and that’s a dream, but this is a whole issue in itself, for another video.

Now, if your soul is bigger than, not just the current age of the body, but beyond the whole life of the body, beyond the point where the body will die, that soul is a believer. A lot of submitters reach this stage before they die, and all submitters reach it at the moment of death. It’s called the point of certainty in the Quran. This soul gives priority to the next life over this life, if it has reached this stage before the body died.

Now, if a soul grows so big, that it not only passes the point in the future where his body will die, but it also passes the point when the world will end, this soul becomes a messenger. That soul has contacted beyond this world.

And, if a soul becomes so big, that it, not only passes the End of the World, but also beyond the Messianic age, beyond the year 3320, to the Judgement Day, then that soul becomes a prophet. Of course, the year 3320 does not really exist, because we will stop counting the years beyond 2280, because the sun will be destroyed in 2280, but if we imagine that the years will exist even after that, if we imagine that, then the Judgment Day will come in the year 3320. Basically, the surface of the earth is destroyed in 2280, and then there are 40 years of rest in the graves, while it will be raining, after which people start to get resurrected, like plants out of the wet ground, and then there are 1000 more years of living on this Earth during the Messianic Age, which would bring us to the hypothetical year 3320. Anyway, any soul who reaches all the way there, that person is a prophet.

Now let’s go over some examples of soul sizes based on what we said. Abraham lived around 1900 B.C. Since he was a prophet, this means that he, as a soul, was at least 5220 years big. Muhammad, as a soul, must have been at least 2750 years big. The disciples of Jesus, messengers, but not prophets, they must have been at least 2250 years big. Rashad Khalifa, as a soul, must have been at least 345 years big. Alban, as a soul, must be at least 296 years big. The Last Messenger, the Mahdi will be about at least 40 years big, or just a little bit more. As you can see, the generations closer to the End of the World tend to have smaller souls. This means that a lot of submitters today, some of you actually have bigger souls than the Last Messenger – the Mahdi. Your soul is bigger than the age of your body, if you are submitter. And if you are believer, and let’s assume that you will live about 80 years, then your soul is about 80 years, at least, The people before the end of the world will all be smaller souls compared to us, and this why the last messenger with a soul just above 40 years big will be suitable for that generation. By the way, this means that for example, an 80-year-old submitter just before the End of the World will have a bigger soul than the Mahdi. Which means that there will be thousands of submitters who will have bigger souls than the Mahdi when the Mahdi comes, but it just happens that the soul of the Mahdi will be the one who reached the End of the World first, while the other bigger souls, because they were born earlier, did manage to reach the End of the World. So, no person who is younger than a messenger can be better than a messenger, but in theory a person who is older than a messenger can be better than a messenger. But this is only in theory, and it happens with the Mahdi, and will happen only with a couple of submitters who will be better souls than the Strengthening Messenger, but for generations who are too far from the End of the World, this is statistically impossible. So, Alban is the last messenger who is the best soul of his generation. Alban and all the other messengers before him were the biggest souls of our own generation. Rashad was the biggest soul of his generation, Muhammad was the biggest soul of his generation, Moses was the biggest soul of his generation, and so on. Regardless of the fact that Rashad said some people can be better than messengers, but in reality he was just being humble, and the example which he took with Moses and the other servant of God does not really apply, because that other servant of God was not a human being. He was an angel. He must have been an angle, because he, as a believer, took the life of an innocent boy, and only angels are given authority to take lives of innocent children, and still remain believers. So, Moses was actually the best soul of his generation. So all messengers are the biggest souls of their generation, except for the two messengers who come after me. The Strengthening Messenger and the Guide Messenger. And even that can only happen with people who are older than the messengers. So, there will probably be a few strong believers who have actively supported me, and when they get old, they will be bigger souls than the next messenger, and with the Last Messenger, a lot of old believers, thousands of them will fulfill this criterion. So, it will make sense for the Strengthening Messenger to heavily consider the opinions of the strong believers who supported me, and for the Mahdi, it will be so important, that it will be an almost democratic way of making decisions by considering the opinions of the older believers. And this will be suitable for that times, because at that time politics and religion will merge, which is one way to understand why those souls will be so small. Only small souls can succeed in politics.

Now, back to the difference between prophets and messengers. Because the souls of the prophets are 1040 years bigger than the souls of the messengers, this means that the prophets which are mentioned in the Quran were for a short while messengers until they, as souls, grew enough to become prophets. And for most cases this was a short period of time, and for most prophets this happened in isolation. So, they were chosen messengers, lived somewhere in the dessert outside of the society, for a short while contemplating what had happened with them, and meditating, and then they became prophets by the end of that experience. For example, there are historical reports that Muhammad started seeing dreams which came true the next day, and during that time he went to a cave near Mecca to contemplate, and this happened for about six months before he became a prophet, before the Quran was revealed to him. So, there were six months during which Muhammad was a messenger, but not a prophet, and for most other prophets, the situation was similar.

In the case of Moses, we can more clearly see the difference in time between his messengership and his prophethood. He was a messenger for quite some time before he became a prophet. When he was sent to Pharaoh, he was only a messenger. Moses is always mentioned as a messenger when he was sent to Pharaoh and the Egyptians, and then once the Children of Israel got freed, and went into the dessert, that’s when God chose Moses to be a prophet and revealed the scripture to him, because the scripture was meant for the Children of Israel, not for the Pharaohs. God willing, the differences between prophets and messengers will be explained in another sermon.  Of course, we already know that a messenger is someone who is told specific news from the future, while a prophet is someone who is given a scripture, but there are other differences which emerge from that.

Anyway, these are the stages of soul growth, and the Quran in Sura 84, verses 16-19, says, “I solemnly swear by the rosy dusk. And the night as it spreads. And the moon and its phases. You will move from stage to stage.”, and it is talking to all believers here. So, we, the believers, will all also pass all these stages, but most of us will pass the later stages after we get resurrected, during the Messianic Age. We will be given light and we will become at least 1000 years big as souls, and because the Judgment will be less than 1000 years away, we will all be able to be as prophets were in this world. All of us purified and all of us will have direct access to God’s word. Prophets are people who have direct access to God’s word, and in the next world all believers will have direct access to God’s word.

So, in other words, a prophet is simply a submitter who passes all the stages of soul growth before he dies, while the other submitters will pass some of those stages here, and the rest of those stages in the next life.