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The Day of Resurrection


Praise be to God! There is no other god except God.

Verse 39:68 in the Quran says that when the horn is blown, everyone in the heavens and the earth is struck unconscious, except those spared by God. Then it is blown a second time, whereupon they rise up.

The earth will shine with the light of God (39:69) as He comes to our universe, together with the angels (89:22). Since our universe is a temporary dominion for Satan, it cannot stand the physical presence of God (7:143). As the Almighty approaches, the stars will crash into one another (77:8, 81:2), and the earth will shatter under our feet (69:14, 89:21). These horrors will not worry the believers (21:103).


The High Heaven

Upon arrival of Almighty God, all the humans and jinns will be automatically stratified according to their degree of growth and development. Those who nourished their souls through worshiping God alone, believing in the Hereafter, and leading a righteous life will be strong enough to stay close to God; they will occupy the highest ranks.


The Lower Heaven

Those who developed their souls to a lesser degree, as well as those who die before the age of forty, will move downward to the Lower Heaven. They will go      to the location where they can be as close to God as their degree of growth and development permits them to be.


The Purgatory

There will be people who nourished their souls just enough to spare them Hell, but not enough to enter the Lower Heaven. They are neither in Hell, nor in Heaven. They will implore God to admit them into the Lower Heaven (7:4650). God will have mercy on them, and will merge the Purgatory into the Lower Heaven.



A new, eighth universe will be created to house those who run away from God due to their weakness; they failed to nourish and develop their souls (69:17).


Friday Sermon based on Appendix 11 of the Authorized English Translation of the Quran by Rashad Khalifa (1989)