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The Clarifying Messenger


Who is Alban Fejza?

Alban Fejza (seen in the video above) is called the Clarifying Messenger in the Quran (44:13). People know him as a sane truthful person (10:16, 7:184). He is nothing more than a human like you (18:110, 17:93). And, obviously, he is not an angel, and he does not know the future, except what has already been revealed in the Quran (6:50). He does not possess the treasures of God (6:50). He does not ask any kind of payment for himself (25:57, 6:90, 38:86, 42:23, 34:47). He simply tries to help you find the right path to your Lord, if this is what you choose (25:57). You do not have to report to him (6:66, 10:108). It’s between you and God (10:108, 25:77). He has no power to harm you, nor to guide you (72:21), or to benefit himself or harm himself (7:188). No one can protect him from God (72:22). Only what God wills happens to him (7:188). He is no more than a warner, and a bearer of good news for those who believe (7:188). He is the clear warner (15:89, 22:49, 20:50, 46:9, 7:184, 29:50). He is no more than a human messenger (17:93). His mission is to explain the Quran (75:19), as predicted by the Quran itself (44:13, 75:19). He does not bring another Quran (10:15, 17:88). He does not change the Quran (10:15). He can not change the Quran (10:15). He simply follows and says what is already there in the Quran (10:15, 3:81).


Limits and Responsibilities of the Clarifying Messenger

As God’s messenger, Alban Fejza only produce videos (5:92), and he only produce them in English (14:4). This is the most suitable for the internet generation (26:214), because his videos are there available, even when Alban is not on duty as God’s messenger (27:82). So, Alban is not God’s messenger when he is sleeping (39:42). He is not God’s messenger when he sends thousands of e-mails or social media messages, or when he talks on the phone (49:4), or when he gives Friday sermons, which are only intended for his current local congregation, or when he chats with his friends and colleagues. He is not God’s messenger when he co-authors scientific papers or speaks in scientific conferences (4:114), or when he teaches statistics (93:11, 25:20), or whatever he does to make a living (2:198, 23:51).

But, when he addresses you directly in his clarifying videos, then that is the Clarifying Messenger. His clarifying videos are clarifications from God (75:19) through Gabriel (2:97) through the Quran (2:97) through Alban Fejza (75:19) through his clarifying videos (27:82) to you (81:27).


Why Alban Fejza exactly? Why not someone else?

Well, GOD knows exactly who is best qualified to deliver His message (6:124), and when He sends a messenger, he gives him the seven pairs of qualities (15:87), which are:

  1. A human being (41:6)
  2. Male (16:43, 21:7)
  3. Not with mental or physical disabilities (7:184, 25:20)
  4. Not a dependent (financially and otherwise) (26:109, 34:47, 25:20)
  5. Submitter (6:14)
  6. Believer (2:285)
  7. Persevering (6:34)
  8. Courageous (33:39)
  9. Very smart (12:22, 16:125, 19:12, 21:79)
  10. Effectively, socially isolated from those opposing God and the Quran (58:22, 2:143, 19:11, 19:17, 9:40, 7:142)
  11. With a higher proportion of believing family members (58:22, 26:214)
  12. Eventually married and with children (13:38)
  13. Speaking in the language of his generation (Internet and English) (14:4)
  14. & from a specific community (usually destined to end soon) (28:59, 17:15, 20:1, 15:87)

So, these are the fourteen qualities which a messenger should have (15:87), and the fifteenth one is great knowledge of the Quran (15:87), and God gave all of them to Alban (15:87).

You still might be fixated to know whether I am God’s messenger or not, and you might be expecting a miracle. Let’s make it clear: Alban Fejza does not bring miracles (29:50, 10:20). Miracles come only from God (6:109, 29:50). But, like all the other messengers (57:25), Alban Fejza is supported with a miracle. With a perpetual miracle (15:9). He is supported by the Quran (29:51). Everything he says as God’s messenger is supported by the Quran (17:46, 43:43). Everything (69:44,46). Can you find one statement in his clarifying videos which has no reference in the Quran? Every statement he makes comes from the Quran, and therefore every statement he makes is already proven (16:89). So, you do not need new proof from him, because every statement he makes is proven, and so his message is proven (7:75, 74:35). Alban Fejza’s proven message is proof of his messengership (7:75). The Quran says that Alban Fejza’s explanations are enough proof that he has received knowledge from God (6:105).


Reminder from the Previous Messengers

Here is a reminder about the previous messengers: Abraham was supported with four physical proofs (21:69, 2:260, 11:72, 37:107), Moses was supported with nine chemical and environmental proofs (17:101), Jesus was supported with about thirty biological proofs (3:49, 5:110, 3:55, 5:114), Muhammad was supported with an audio proof, the revelation of the Quran (11:13), Rashad Khalifa was supported with a perpetual mathematical proof (74:35), and because it is perpetual, it keeps the verses of the Quran continuously proven (15:9), and as a result Alban Fejza is now supported with 6346 logical proofs (1:1-114:6). He is supported with 6346 verses (ayats) of the Quran. As long as he sticks to those 6346 proofs (verses) logically, which he does in his videos, then he is supported with more proofs than any other messenger in the past. And by the time he is done, I will explain them all (75:19).


The Smoke Prophecy

Besides, there is a way to unquestionably know that Alban Fejza is the Clarifying Messenger, but you have to wait for it (10:20, 52:31). He made a precise astronomical future prediction, which no other human being can do (72:27). God says in the Quran that no human being can reveal the future (72:26), except a messenger to whom God reveals specific news from the future (72:27). And Alban Fejza gave specific news from the future, which is: In the year 2052, the Smoke which is predicted in Chapter 44 of the Quran will come. He gives the details in another video titled “The Smoke Prophecy”. This should unquestionably prove that Alban Fejza is God’s messenger (3:179, 72:27), and that he has delivered his Lord’s messages (72:28). It is his certificate of messengership (72:28). Only God knows the future (72:26), and He reveals precise parts of it ONLY to a messenger that He chooses (72:27). So, Alban Fejza could not possibly be able to predict the time of the Smoke (72:26), unless he is truly God’s messenger (72:27, 3:179). And because he is God’s messenger, he is not a liar (7:53, 4:170). And because he is not a liar, when he tells us which messenger he is, then it is true. He is the Clarifying Messenger (44:13, 43:29). And you can find him predicted in the Quran:

Therefore, watch for the day when the sky brings a CLEAR SMOKE. It will envelop the people; this is a painful retribution. “Our Lord, relieve this retribution for us; we are believers.” Now that it is too late, they remember! A CLARIFYING MESSENGER had come to them. But they turned away from him, saying, “Well educated, but crazy!” (44:10-14)

Some people might say that verse 44:13 which mentions the Clarifying Messenger refers to Muhammad. Well, not today (39:30). The clarifying messenger comes just before the advent of a terrible retribution (34:46), and 14 centuries have passed since Muhammad. Other people might say that it refers to Rashad Khalifa. Well, not really. Rashad Khalifa called himself God’s Messenger of the Covenant, not the Clarifying Messenger. He decoded the time of End of the World, but when he tried to predict the Smoke, he just could not do it, because this information was reserved for Alban Fejza. The Smoke is an event which is reserved for Alban’s generation, and it is astronomical proof that he is the Clarifying Messenger.


His Message

Now, whether you believe that Alban is God’s messenger or not, he is not asking you to worship him, but to worship God (21:25), according to the scripture you preach and the teachings you learn (3:79, 11:2). He follows the religion of Abraham – monotheism (2:135, 3:95, 6:161). He is not an idol worshiper (6:14, 13:36, 72:20), and he am from the most devoted submitters (6:14, 3:20, 39:12). We (together with Alban) believe in God, and in what was sent down to us, and in what was sent down to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the Patriarchs; and in what was given to Moses and Jesus, and all the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction among any of them. To Him alone we are submitters (2:136, 29:46). Our contact prayers, worship practices, life and my death, are all devoted to God alone, the Lord of the universe (6:162, 39:14). God is our Lord. There is no god except He. We put our trust in Him alone, and to Him is our ultimate destiny (13:30, 72:20).