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Dr. A. Rashid Hamed
Associate Professor of Psychology
New York State University
Oneonta, New York


Why does man deny God’s profound signs within himself and throughout creation? Why did early peoples deny the miracles God sent to them? Why do most Muslims prefer innovations, conjecture, opinion, and tradition over the sure guidance of Qur’an? Why have Muslim religious leaders attempted to ignore and belittle the irrefutable miraculous code discovered in Qur’an? Why have Muslim religious leaders made such absurd claims as “the Qur’an does not contain 114 chapters,” and “the Basmala does not consist of 19 letters?”


In keeping with his plan to crush all doubt in the hearts of sincere believers, God has made this answer even more overwhelmingly clear. God granted Satan power to hypnotize the descendants of Adam who choose Satan’s point of view, namely, that “God alone is not enough.” This power is given to Satan under one crucial condition:

ANYONE SHALL SNAP OUT OF THE HYPNOTIC TRANCE UPON DECIDING TO WORSHIP GOD ALONE. Such freedom of decision shall be preserved under all circumstances.

The Master Hypnotist’s effectiveness lies in the fact that the majority of humans have chosen to remain under his domination and control.

Satan said, “My Lord, since it is Your will that I go astray, I will surely ENTICE them on earth and will surely mislead them all; only Your servants who are COMPLETELY DEVOTED TO YOU (shall escape my spell). God said, “This is My irrevocable law: you will have no power over My servants; ONLY THE STRAYERS SHALL FALL UNDER YOUR SPELL.” (15:39-42)

Satan advises his “Muslim” allies not to accept Qur’an alone. He tells them to limit the extent that they will believe everything in Qur’an. Satan instructs the humans to resists signs of God.


As soon as the human chooses NOT to uphold the word of God ALONE and worship God ALONE, the Master Hypnotist robs and strips the human of his mind. Satan even makes his followers believe that they are guided.

God guides some people while others are committed to straying. They have chosen the devils as masters, instead of God, yet they believe that they are guided. (7:30)



Hypnosis is a trancelike condition characterized by an altered state of consciousness, diminished will power, and an increased responsiveness to suggestion. People differ in their suggestibility to hypnosis. A person cannot be hypnotized against his will; he must obey the suggestions of a hypnotist. Hypnosis has been employed to help people with physical and psychological diseases, as well as for harmful purposes. The effective hypnotist is skilled in  gaining the  confidence of  his  clients. He  knows  that  ‘It   takes   two’ the client and himself, to produce the desired effects. Our concern here is with the Master Hypnotist who misleads humanity en masse. The Master Hypnotist also gains the trust of his subjects. But, unlike human hypnotists, he is invisible!

Satan and his tribe can see you while YOU DO NOT SEE THEM. We have assigned the devils as companions to those who refuse to believe. (7:27)

Satan meets the qualifications of a hypnotist because he knows when and how to make his suggestions, according to a person’s mind, character, desires, and  habits. He has considerable knowledge of human nature, and he has thoroughly succeeded in rendering millions of humans unable to use their minds.

(Satan said,) “I will come to them from their front, and from behind them, and from their right, and from their left. Consequently, You will find most of them unappreciative.” (7:17)


People who are unappreciative of God are hypnotized by Satan without their knowledge. Countless millions of people say, “I believe in God,” when in fact their hearts do not mean it. Their utterance is no more than lip service to go along with parents, friends, or the society at large. Whenever they have opportunities to break away from deception and doubt, they cling to fabricated falsehoods. This leaves them susceptible to Satan’s hypnosis. For the Master Hypnotist is given access to the person’s true intentions and innermost beliefs, not outward appearances and lip-service utterances.

By going against their God-given instinct to worship God ALONE and uphold His word ALONE (please see Qur’an 7:172), people enable the Master Hypnotist to set them up for self-destruction behind an INVISIBLE BARRIER.

Some followers of previous scriptures may wish to mislead you, but they only mislead themselves WITHOUT PERCEIVING. (3:69)

(The idol-worshipers) divert others from Qur’an, as they themselves stay away from it. Thus, they only destroy themselves WITHOUT PERCEIVING. (6:26).

As for those who reject our revelations, We will lead them on WITHOUT THEM EVER PERCEIVING. I will even encourage them; indeed, My scheming is formidable. (7:182-183)


Satan gradually  instills  his  suggestions  into   the  minds  of  his  subjects;  ideas  counter  to  the   worship of  God  ALONE. Satan  hypnotizes his subjects into doing anything that reflects disbelief, idol–worship, or hypocrisy.

The devil says to the humans, “Disbelieve,” then, will they do disbelieve, he says, “I disown you. I fear God, Lord of the universe.” (59:16)

A trained hypnotist slowly infuses his directives into the subject’s mind because this ‘drop by drop’ approach helps the subject understand instructions. But, in Satan’s case, it is a matter of making a person feel at home with negative prompting. God protects His sincere servants from the Master Hypnotist’s obvious and subtle attempts to hypnotize them.

You shall say, “I seek refuge in You, my Lord, from the devils’ suggestions. I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they approach me.” (23:97-98)


Hypnotized people, those who fail to devote their worship to God ALONE and uphold His word ALONE, exhibit unusual behavior because they are completely out of touch with their own minds. They have submitted their mind and their will to Satan by setting up the words of men to rank with the word of God; they have set up their scholars and religious leaders as gods beside God (please see 9:109). They lose all contact with reality except through Satan’s suggestions. It is a common phenomenon that we show someone clear Qur’anic assertions that Qur’an is “complete, perfect, fully detailed, and shall be the sole source of religious guidance”, only to discover that the person is totally helpless; unable to see or accept such Qur’anic truths.

When told, “You shall follow these revelations of God,” they say, “No, we shall follow what we found our parents doing.” (2:170 & 31:21)

It is now obvious that such persons have submitted themselves to Satan, the Master Hypnotist, and that he fully controls their minds, their eyes, and their hearing. Thus, they cannot think, see, or hear anything on their own. The Qur’an explains this strange phenomenon very clearly in 17:45 and 18:57. The invisible barrier mentioned in 17:45 is the hypnosis inflicted upon those who refuse to believe Qur’an and submit to its truths.

Shown  below  are eleven descriptions of  persons under hypnosis (Hollander, B. “History and results of hypnotism.” In search of the soul. New York: E. P. Dutton & Co., 281 – 296).


After each general description of a person’s behavior under hypnosis, I will present specific examples of disbelievers’ identical behavior in Qur’an.

(1) The subject readily accepts the hypnotist’s suggestions as fact or reality. He neither questions them nor the hypnotist.

If you obey the majority of people on earth, they will lead you away from the path of God. For they follow only conjecture (presented to them as doctrine), and they only guess. (6:116)

(2) The subject has his own system of beliefs and ideas that fit the desires of the hypnotist.

We have appointed for every prophet enemies from among the human devils and jinn devils who invent lies made up of fancy words, and narrate them to each other, in order to deceive. Had your Lord willed, they would not have done it. You shall disregard them and their fabrications. (This is God’s will) in order that the minds of those who do not really believe in the Hereafter may listen thereto, readily accept such fabrications, and thus expose their true intentions. (6:112-113)

(3) The subject can be made to forget his own identity, specific experiences, and whole periods of life.

Do not be like those who forgot God, so He let them forget their own selves. They are the wicked ones. (59:19)

(4) The subject can be made to believe he experienced something that he never really experienced ot that never actually occurred.

Do not be like those who say, “We hear,” while they really do not.Indeed, the worst creatures in the sight of God are the deaf and dumb, who possess no common sense. (8:21-22)

(5) The subject may make false interpretations based on false premises conjured up in the hypnotic state. Outside efforts to correct his perceptions are useless as long as he is under hypnotic suggestion.

We control their minds and their visions as a consequence of their initial decision to disbelieve, and we keep them in their transgression blundering. (6:110)

Some of them may listen to you; but, can you make the deaf hear?They would never understand. Some of them may look at you; but, can you make the blind see? They would never see. (10:42-43)

(6) A hypnotized person can be made to think a real experience is a delusion.

We fully control the minds of the guilty. This is why they can never believe in this (Qur’an); just like their counterparts in previous generations. Even if we open up for them a gate into the heavens, through which they actually climb, they would say, “Our eyes are dazed. This is an illusion. We have been duped by magic.” (15:12-15)

(7) Through suggestion, the hypnotist can influence and make the subject’s senses cease to function normally. For example, a person with excellent vision can be told that he is blind, and he will be unable to see. This is like the INVISIBLE BARRIER PLACED BETWEEN THE DISBELIEVERS’ MINDS AND THE MOST OBVIOUS TRUTHS.

Multitudes of humans and jinns are destined for Hell. They are the ones who have minds that do not understand, eyes that do not see, and ears that do not hear. They are like animals; in fact, they are worse; they are totally unaware.  (7:179)


(8) A hypnotized person can be active, responsive, and fully involved with an idea. However, the hypnotist can command the person to be nonreceptive to the real meaning of specific things. The Master Hypnotist commands some of his subjects to pretend that they sincerely accept God’s guidance in Qur’an, while they really do the exact opposite.

Some of them appear to be listening to you, but when they leave they ask, “What did he say?” God has sealed their minds and thus, they follow their own opinion. (47:16)


(9) A subject can be led to inflict pain on himself without feeling it; he can also become insensitive to any pre-existing pain. The Master Hypnotist dupes his victims into dismissing misfortune as “signs of piety” instead of tests and/or reminders to worship God ALONE. In keeping with their free choice, he also makes them blind to the severe spiritual injury they inflict upon themselves by rejecting God’s assertions that Qur’an is “complete,” “perfect,” and “fully detailed” (6:19, 38, & 114).


(Continued in the next issue)



Outstanding ‘alim (Professor at AL-AZHAR) joins our Ummah.

        Declares that true Islam is by following Qur’an, the whole Qur’an, and nothing but Qur’an.

        Declares that the Islam being practiced today in the “Muslim” world is a severe distortion and deviation from the Islam preached by God’s final prophet Muhammad.


From Muslim Perspective, March, 1986

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