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King of Efficiency


An atheist television personality once said that given the immense size of the universe, and the extremely large number of stars, there must be aliens out there, and if there are no aliens and all these stars and all this space was only intended for humans, then God must be terribly inefficient. Why didn’t God simply create the Solar System, and that is enough space and material to test the humans? Or why did God not create only our galaxy? All the 5000 stars which we can see with our naked eye are within our galaxy anyway. So why did God create the billion trillion other stars, and all that vast interstellar space, if it is not of any use to humans? Well, in fact, there is a perfectly good reason for an extremely vast amount of space outside of our reach, and an extremely large number of stars outside of our use. And that reason becomes obvious once you realize what will happen with all those stars. All that material, a billion trillion stars will be piled together and be used as fuel for permanent Hell. It will ignite under its own weight. It will be jammed in a tight space, as small as the core of the earth, causing a nuclear reaction, and its nuclear fire will burn the disbelievers, and that famous atheist. Not even an atom will go to waste, and not even an inch of space will go unused. Everything which God created has its final purpose. All that mass in the universe is being prepared as a fuel for Hell and disbelievers will burn in it. Someone might still try to argue that this manner of punishment is again inefficient.

Why is so much fuel needed to punish the disbelievers, when a small fire would also do the job? Burning is burning. Yes, but the fuel which will be burned in Hell will be used as an energy source for a perpetual motion giant machine to run the pipes which move the rivers underneath Heaven, and Heaven is big, so you need a lot of energy. See, God is so efficient, that he sets up the system in such a way that He lets Hell do the dirty work for Him. God is holy. “Holy” literary means “untouchable”. A king does not need to get his hands dirty. God does things through angels, and in the Hereafter, He will set up a perfect system where the material of this world will be used as a nuclear fuel for Hell, and the fuel of Hell will produce energy, and the energy will be used to maintain Heaven – for example, to water the permanent gardens and so on. They will be watered from underneath, not like in this world where they are watered by rain from above. And God’s system will be so perfect in the Hereafter, it will never fail – a perpetual system – an effortless system – an efficient system – where nothing goes to waste. Compare this with the most efficient power plant built today by humans, which is only 62% efficient. The rest of the energy is wasted through leaked heat, lost in the grid and so on.

God is the most efficient king. He is the King of efficiency. By the way, the size of Hell compared to Heaven is like the size of a small battery compared to our universe, and I am actually underestimating the difference. If God did not tell the people of Heaven where Hell is, they would not even find it. It is so small compared to Heaven, that space in the Hereafter will practically be all Heaven, and a tiny isolated speck somewhere will be Hell. It will actually be the size of Earth’s Core, which is nothing compared to Heaven. Nothing. Can you see how efficient God’s system is? Can you imagine powering the whole earth forever with energy with a power plant as small as a battery?

So, the typical idea of people who imagine the hereafter as half heaven and half hell is enormously wrong and distorted. Hell is so small compared to heaven, it is practically Heaven’s garbage can, even though it will contain the material of all the stars today.

Someone might say,” That still seems inefficient, because all the material of the universe is surely enough to fuel Hell, why would you need the tiny humans as additional material for burning? Well, where would you put them? Everywhere else you can possibly live in the next world will be Heaven, and it’s not right to put the bad people in Heaven because they are rebels and will cause trouble and inefficiencies. God runs things efficiently. So, bad people are not fit for Heaven, because they cause inefficiencies constantly.

Then why not create just a tiny separate Heaven somewhere close to Hell, just a small city where disbelievers would not burn, and let the rest of the material burn for fuel in Hell? Well that tiny city would again need to be maintained, because bad people are so bad, they will turn it into Hell again in one day, unless God maintains it and fixes it constantly, and the maintaining of it would cause the angels just as much hardship as the hardship which would be relieved for disbeliever. So, why bother, and why would God waste efforts to maintain something which would be constantly destroyed? That would be inefficient for God.

Then, why not send those disbelievers back to earth, to give them another chance? Well, they would do the same thing again. It would be inefficient to try once more. People who were given more than 14,000 thousand chances, practically every day of their life, they went to sleep, they woke up, still disbelievers. They went to sleep, they woke up, still disbelievers. More than 14,000 times, still disbelievers, and one more is not going to change it. God would not send them to Hell, unless it was proven that under any circumstances, they are disbelievers deep in their core.

Then why not give them pain killers or some way for them to avoid the pain while in Hell? Well, that’s still inefficient. How are you going to distribute pain killers in Hell? God can send the angels to do it, but that would require efforts by the angles, and it would not be right for God to help the evil beings at the expense of good beings. And, if you left the disbelievers to distribute it on their own, they would not do it properly. The guy near the entrance door would try to take them all by himself or whatever and the pills would burn. They never do the right thing, especially in circumstances where it matters. But more importantly the disbelievers are supposed to feel pain, because God has promised to make the truth prevail. Everything in the hereafter will say the truth, and the only thing the disbelievers accept as true is pain. If you ask them, “does it hurt?”, they will say “oh, yes it hurts,” and so finally they will speak the truth and the truth shall prevail and falsehood will vanish. This has been the purpose since the beginning – to make the truth prevail over falsehood, and if the disbelievers are going to speak the truth only regarding their pain, then it will be so. The truth will ultimately prevail, which is the purpose of existence.

Then why not simply vanish them? Well, when God created us, he created us to be permanent souls. He promised us that we would last forever, and he is not going to break his promise. God does not break is promise. He created us with his word, and his word is true and truth lasts forever, which means that we, the true us, the souls will last forever.

You might say, “then why did God create disbelievers in the first place, knowing that they will end up in Hell?” Well, this question leaves a very important part without mentioning. It fails to mention that the disbelievers deserve it. See, when God created disbelievers who He knew will end up in Hell, He without exception made sure that He created them such that they would definitely eventually deserve to be in Hell. So, they are so bad that they definitely deserve it. So, then why did God create disbelievers who will eventually deserve to be in Hell? Well, the truth is that He did not create them as disbelievers initially. He created humans. He simply made the souls at different levels of strength which are not necessarily bad or good. They are just different strengths. Only when the body was created as an additional vehicle for humans, if the soul was weaker than the body, that was bad, because when the body leads the soul, it causes it to do bad things.

Then why did God create the body? He created the body to test Satan, because Satan wanted to see if he could also be a god on earth and God created the bodies to give Satan some material over which he could rule, and to see if he can be a god, and we see from all the suffering on earth that Satan is not an efficient god.

Then, why did God create Satan? Well, God did not really create Satan. He created Iblis (Lucifer), who later willingly became bad and therefore Satan.

Then why did God create Lucifer, knowing that he will become Satan. He created Lucifer because when you take everything into account, a version of the world with Lucifer in it, in the end is better than a version of the world without Lucifer in it. In other words, God, the All-Knowing, knew of all the possible versions that the world could exist, and He chose the best of all possible versions, because God is efficient. So, when it is all said and done, we will realize that it is impossible, even in theory, to have a world unfold which is better than the version which God created. Someone might say, “Yes, it is possible in theory to have a world better than this one. For example, if this world had one more moral person in it.” Well, no, in this perfect version of the world people go through a testing process against each other and there must be exactly ten disbelievers who are being tested for every believer who is being tested to keep the struggle in balance. Otherwise, one party would have won a long time ago, and the world would have ended. But, it is feature of a perfect world that 100 organized believers can defeat 1000 disbelievers, because of their better coordination and willingness to give up their wealth. So, a world with one more moral person would need ten more immoral people, and therefore it would only be more overcrowded than the actual version of the world, and therefore less perfect. So, a world like this one, with evil and hell allowed in it, in the end is the best of all possible worlds.

You might say, “How can it be that a world with Hell is ultimately in total better than a world without Hell?” Well, a world without Hell is a world where God constantly provides and the creatures consume, while a world with Hell is a world where God provides in addition to the automatic provision mode powered by the burning in Hell, which is used as additional energy for heaven. So, hell is heaven’s stove. Is a room with a stove and an invisible garbage bin better or a room without either of them? So, God allowed us to make a mistake and leave heaven so that when we go back there it will be updated and boosted up, at least twice as good as when we left. So, God wanted to multiply our happiness, because He love us. So, yes, Satan is being used, but rightfully so, because he is fool and thinks that he is using us, and he deserves nothing less or more than what he will get. See, Satan is hoping that by convincing enough humans to side with him, knowing that God loves us, will convince God to change His mind and give Satan part of His kingdom. Well, what Satan does not understand is that just because God loves us, it does not mean that He needs us. He loves us because He is love, and He has a lot of love to give, but not because He needs us. While Satan who has no love inside, confuses love with need. So, God never needed us, but Satan’s misuses of God’s love fell right into God’s perfect plan for a world with merit based happiness. So, in a world without Satan, angels have to work, so that people can live, which is not merit based, but in a world with Satan, angels have to work only for a brief period, only when we are in this world, and when we get to the next world, both we and angels will be completely free to worship God. So, is a world where it is harder for angels, and harder for people better, or a world which is completely effortless for the angels, and completely effortless for the people, but hard for a small group of bad creatures who deserve it anyway? So, not only God chose the best of all possible versions of the world to create, it is also the easiest option for all of us. So, God has created a version of the world which in the end will have the maximum total happiness for his creatures with the same efforts.

Of course, God does not need Hell as a fuel source for Heaven. We know this, because he is providing for people in Heaven right now, without using Hell as a source of energy, but He is so efficient, that in the Hereafter, if He can use the fuel of Hell for useful purposes, then why not? He is efficient. He does not waste anything. Everything He creates has a specific purpose.

Someone might say, “then why did God have to create anything at all?” Well, He is the Creator. His name is the Creator. That’s what He does. Someone depressed philosopher might then say, “If that’s how it has to be, then why should God exist?” Well, why shouldn’t He exist, if He is:

  • the Greatest
  • the Peace
  • the Infinite
  • the Initiator
  • the Efficient
  • the Lord of everything
  • the Shaper
  • the Outermost
  • the Provider
  • the Giver of Life
  • the Innermost
  • the Repeater
  • the Nurturer
  • the Almighty
  • the Omniscient (all-knowledgeable)
  • the Supreme
  • the Hearer
  • the Ultimate Inheritor
  • the Absolute
  • the Seer
  • the Resurrector
  • the Truth
  • the Respiter
  • the Gatherer
  • the Eternal
  • the Gracious
  • the Accounter
  • the Highest
  • the Merciful
  • the Witness
  • the King
  • the Forgiver
  • the Just
  • the Glorious
  • the Guide
  • the Judge
  • the Honorable
  • the Faithful
  • the Avenger
  • the Praiseworthy
  • the Grateful
  • the Holy (the untouchable)
  • the Dignifier
  • the One in Charge
  • the Light of the world
  • the Responsive
  • the Independent
  • the Protector
  • the One
  • the Living
  • the Redeemer
  • God

The only one who has reason to exist is God. No other being has sufficient reason to exist, except to worship God. So, our only sufficient reason to exist is to worship God. And God, who is the Most Powerful, does not chose to do things in the hard way, because he is also the Most Wise, so if he can do the same exact thing in an easier way, He will do it. He is efficient. He created this world in the most efficient manner, to get the maximum results with the least amount of efforts. If it is more efficient to create an electron, and then copy and paste it, then that is what He did. No wonder all the electrons are the same. If it is more efficient to create the Helium out of Hydrogen rather than from nothing, than that is what He did. If it is more efficient to create the planets from the remnants of stars, rather than from nothing, then that is what He did. If it is more efficient to produce the Dog from the Wolf, rather than from scratch, then that is what He did. If it is more efficient to clone Eve from Adam, rather than creating her from scratch, then that is what He did. If it is more efficient to create you from your parent, rather than from nothing, then that is what He did. If it is more efficient to produce milk from the cow, rather than constantly sending it to us from the sky, then that is what He did. So, yes the impression of evolution is simply people noticing signs of God’s efficiency. Someone might say, isn’t it more efficient to produce the human from the monkey because their genes are mostly similar? Well, in this case it is not because of some specific factors, but that is another topic which I explain in another video. But, the point which I am making here is that God creates, forms, judges and provides for his creatures in the most efficient way. He even guides and saves in the most efficient way. Here is how efficient his redemption system is. All you have to do is believe what He says. It takes less efforts to believe than to doubt. Instead, you are making things harder for yourself, if you do not believe God. If you are against God, God will not let you touch his efficient system. His system is perfect, and if you do not believe, you will be:

  • Defeated
  • You will have no property, no belongings, no smartphone
  • You will not be able to distract your mind away from reality
  • The truth will hit you
  • You will submit
  • Deprived of everything you longed for
  • All your secrets will become known
  • You will be blamed
  • Ridden with remorse and sorrow
  • Despised
  • Humiliated
  • Shamed
  • You did this to yourself
  • Shame on you
  • Go to Hell,
  • and stay in it.
  • Your final destiny
  • Your only destiny
  • Your unavoidable destiny
  • The worst destiny
  • Your idols can not help you
  • Your parents can not help you
  • Your children can not help you
  • Your friends can not help you
  • Your money can not help you
  • You will have no helpers
  • You can not help yourself
  • You will have no power
  • You will have no escape
  • No ransom will be accepted from you
  • No intercession, no nepotism, no trade
  • You will lose your family, if they go to Heaven
  • And you will lose your family, if they go to Hell
  • And you will never see them
  • You will be chained in shackles
  • Confined in iron pots
  • You will eat as food completely bitter stuff, with no other taste
  • It never nourishes, nor satisfies hunger.
  • Drink boiling water and sand
  • And no pain-killers
  • You will be overwhelmed by fire
  • You will be owned by fire
  • Clothed with fire and tar
  • Hellfire
  • Retribution
  • In misery
  • In pain
  • In severe pain
  • In agony
  • Suffering
  • Gehenna
  • Eternal Punishment
  • The suffering will increasingly get worse
  • It will start from the worst you ever felt and end with the worst you can possibly feel
  • And then repeat again
  • You will never die, nor stay alive
  • You have deserved wrath from God
  • You have deserved God’s vengeance
  • Forever