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In Defense of the Bible


The Bible Contains Unacceptable Contradictions Only Due to Human Interference in It

In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful. More and more people are increasingly disillusioned with the Bible. They grow up learning that the Bible is the word of God, but when they study the Bible carefully, they discover that it contains too many unacceptable contradictions, too much unacceptable nonsense, and this shocks them and causes disillusionment.

A very good example can be found in the book market. In the bookstores, we find a book by Carl Sagan called “Contact,” and on page 30 of this book, we find a very good example of the contradictions, the unacceptable contradictions in the Bible. We see here that in the Gospel of Matthew, there are 28 generations between David and Jesus, but in the Gospel of Luke, we see that the number of generations from David to Jesus is 43. Now, how could this be the word of God? Does God know how many generations are between David and Jesus? The names in Matthew and in Luke are not even similar, and this destroys the credibility of the Bible as the word of God. How can we explain these contradictions?

Herein, you can see proof that the Bible is, in fact, the word of God, but these indefensible contradictions are there because they were injected by human beings. Any contradiction, any nonsense you see in the Bible is a result of human interference, distortions, and injections by wicked people or good-intentioned people. So, I will prove to you that the vast majority of the Bible is divine truth.

Examples of Contradictions

The biggest contradiction of all is the deification of Jesus Christ, making him a god against his will and against the teachings of the Bible, even. We read in Matthew 27:46 that on the cross toward mid-afternoon, Jesus cried out in a loud tone. And the Gospel of Matthew even writes the Aramaic that Jesus supposedly uttered on the cross, which means, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Now, this is not God speaking, saying, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” This also casts doubt and creates a serious contradiction concerning the doctrine that Jesus came here to die for our sins because if this were true, then his crucifixion would be a fulfillment of his purpose, and he would have said on the cross, “My God, my God, thank you for fulfilling my mission.” So, all these contradictions create this disillusionment in the minds of intelligent people.

In one of the printed Bibles, for example, we find the theme at the beginning, like this: “The man who hears my word, and has faith in him who sent me, possesses eternal life.” So, this verse is telling us that Jesus was sent to humanity by God, that Jesus is a messenger of God. And when we go to the Book of Revelation, the very first verse says the following: “This is the revelation God gave to Jesus Christ, that he might show his servants what must happen very soon.” This is the revelation God gave to Jesus Christ. So, here we have God giving a message to Jesus Christ in order to deliver it to the world. Jesus could not possibly be God. Jesus is a messenger of God. Many great Christians, of course, realize this serious contradiction, the deification of Jesus against his will, and study it carefully and research the subject thoroughly.

Great Christian Scholars Have Detected Many Contradictions

The book “The Myth of God Incarnate” is written by Dan Cupit, a university lecturer in divinity and dean of Emmanuel College at Cambridge; Michael Golder, staff tutor in theology in the Department of Extramural Studies at Birmingham University; John Hick, who is HG Wood Professor of Theology at Birmingham University; Leslie Holden, principal of Raiphan College in Kadhistan; Dennis Nineham, Warden of Kepley College at Oxford; Maurice Wiles, Regis Professor of Divinity and Canon of Christ Church at Oxford and chairman of the Church of England’s Doctrine Commission. And the final author here is Francis Young, lecturer in New Testament Studies at Birmingham University. The essence or the summary of the book is found on the back where it says, “For many people, the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ is the essence of Christianity. Here, a group of distinguished theologians and biblical scholars ask whether the idea of the incarnation is essential to Christianity, and they question the whole development of the doctrine. Their thesis is that Jesus was, as he is described, presented in Acts 2:21, ‘a man approved by God,’ ‘for a special role within the divine purpose.’ And the later conception of him as God incarnate, the second person of the Holy Trinity living a human life, is a mythological or poetic way of expressing his significance for us. This reinterpretation of the doctrine of the incarnation has been criticized as sensational and destructive, but the authors declare a constructive purpose. They have examined evidence from the New Testament onward with care and thoroughness and have asked their questions because they are concerned with the consequences of their findings for a full and living Christian faith for today. Their work is something that no thinking Christian can ignore.”

I assure you that we do not have enough time to give examples of the contradictions and nonsense that is found throughout the Bible, unfortunately. But you heard me state earlier that the Bible is, in fact, the word of God, the infallible word of God. And here I am talking about the original, unaltered Bible in the original language. That was the word of God. The contradictions and the nonsense have been injected into the Bible by people who deliberately or with good intentions actually distorted the words of God and created doctrines that are not in the Bible. However, the Bible, as printed today, ninety percent of it is divine truth. Unfortunately, the human race has been duped into following the ten percent of contradictions and false doctrines injected by humans into the Bible. The Bible, being the word of God, must be corrected, and God sees to it that all these contradictions and nonsense are exposed.

Jesus Disowns Those Who Idolize Him Instead of God

The biggest problem that these contradictions and nonsense create is that millions of people throw the baby with the bathwater because of these contradictions and false doctrines that have been injected into the Bible, and the nonsense that intelligent people cannot accept. These things unfortunately drive millions of people away from God and from the word of God. But we must be alerted that the Bible contains the truth from God. For example, the first commandment in the Old Testament and in the New Testament, which is called the greatest commandment, is to worship God alone, the creator of the universes, the creator who created you and me and Jesus Christ and Muhammad and Mary. It is the false doctrines that created the Trinity and the deification of Jesus Christ against his will and distorted the Bible. Ironically, the distortions and the nonsense and the false doctrines constitute a minute part of the Bible. But unfortunately, millions upon millions of people follow these minute contradictions and small false doctrines, and they leave the majority of the truth. They ignore, for example, the fact that the Bible clearly states that Jesus is not God. Millions of people ignore the clear statements throughout the Bible that Jesus is not God, and they insist on the deification of Jesus against his will. And in this way, they are being enemies of Jesus Christ, as he himself says in Matthew 7:23.

God Did Something About the Human Interference in His Bible: He Sent Down to Us a Final Message to Serve as a Standard Reference and He Coded the Final Scripture Mathematically Beyond Human Ability

Of course, God did something about the contradictions, the falsehood, the nonsense that have been injected into his word, the Bible. And what God did was to send a final edition of the scripture. This final edition is mathematically composed beyond human ability, as we can explain to you. When you examine the final message from God to you, you will be sure that every letter, every word is from God. You will be absolutely positive that there is no human interference in it. And you will see which truth in the Bible is confirmed by this final segment of the scripture. And you will see that the contradictions and the false doctrines are exposed as such. You will recognize which is the truth from God and which is the falsehood from human beings, human interference into the Bible. So this is what God did to clear the confusion, to settle the controversies, and to establish the truth in His Bible.

The Functions of God’s Final Message

So let’s summarize what this final message from God to the world does. First of all, it exposes the contradictions and the nonsense that have been injected in the Bible. The second thing, it confirms the divine truths that are found in the Bible. The majority of the Bible is divine truth. The third function of this final message from God to the world is to settle the great controversies, like the deification of Jesus, the sonship, the claimed sonship of Jesus to God. The fourth function of this final segment of God’s scripture is to confirm all previous miracles, the unusual happenings that may be unbelievable, like the parting of the Red Sea, like the fact that Jesus revived the dead and created birds from clay by God’s lead. All these things are hard to believe. So this final segment of God’s scripture, being mathematically composed and containing this physical evidence that it is from God, confirms those unusual happenings that we call miracles. Since every letter, every word in this final segment of God’s scripture is mathematically composed beyond human ability, when you read a statement saying Moses parted the Red Sea, this statement becomes proven by physical evidence. When you read in this message that Jesus revived the dead, which is something unbelievable normally, when you read that, and you know that it is a miracle, miracle by definition is an unusual happening. So when you read the statement, “Jesus revived the dead,” and you know that every letter, every word is mathematically composed beyond human ability, then this gives you physical evidence that the statement, “Jesus revived the dead,” is a proven fact. Unusual as it may be, it is God’s miracle that Jesus performed.

So, these are the four functions of God’s final scripture to the world:

  1. To expose the contradiction and nonsense and remove from the Bible
  2. Confirm the divine truths that are contained in the Bible
  3. Settle the controversies, the virgin birth of Jesus, the crucifixion of his body after his soul had departed
  4. To confirm all previous miracles, the miracles of Moses and Jesus and the unusual happenings that we see in the Bible and in the Quran.