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How to Pray and Have it Answered, Guaranteed?


Why Does God Not Answer Our Prayers?

All of you through your life have gone through tough situations, and you probably prayed dearly to God, with prayers like, “Please God, let me pass that exam.” or “Please God, I need that job.” or “Please God, convince that girl to marry me.” or “Please God, bring my husband back.” or “Please God, make my child a believer.” or “Please God, cure my child’s cancer.”, and often you fail the exam, you do not get the job, the girl rejects you, or your husband never comes back, your children hate you, and your child dies from cancer. And a lot of people lose their faith after this.

Atheists tell them, “See, I told you, there is no God.” Religious people tell them, “You did not pray sincerely.” “What?! My child was dying from cancer. Of course, I was praying sincerely.” So then, why did the prayer not get answered? Isn’t it true that the Bible says, “Ask, and it will be given to you.”? (Matthew 7:7) And doesn’t God say in the Quran, “When My servants ask you about Me, I am always near. I answer their prayers when they pray to Me…”? (2:186). So, then why do you not get answers to your prayers? Well, in this video, I show you how to pray and have it answered, guaranteed. But first let me deal with the problem of ‘unanswered’ prayers. To understand why our prayers do not get answered, let’s imagine that your mother has to go shopping and she leaves you with your baby brother and she tells you. “Dinner is on the table, take care of my baby, and whatever you do, don’t turn on the gas stove.”  As soon as she leaves, you turn on the gas stove, leave it on, and the kitchen explodes killing your baby brother. They put you in prison for a short while. The prison is freezing cold, and the guards do not give you blankets. You need a blanket or you are going to freeze, and the guards don’t care. All you have is your mother’s phone number, and you want to call her to send you blanket. You know she is mad at you. You killed her baby. Would you have the courage to ask her? Do you think she should send you blankets? How many times would you have to apologize to her, before she even decides to listen to you? You would probably have to speak to her with the nicest words possible, and promise her to become a good person. You would probably have to say “sorry” a hundred times? Remind her how much you love her. Say “sorry” again. Only then, maybe, and just maybe, you would have the courage to ask her for blankets. Do you think you deserve to get the blankets? Do you think she should respond to your request for blankets? The situation is similar with God; we abused God’s generosity in a similar way, and now it is wrong to ask “Why does God not answer our prayers?” Instead we should ask, “How come God still answers our prayers, even though we betrayed Him?” And the answer is, “Because He forgives, and He forgives, and He forgives.” Now, just like there is always a way to get to your mother’s heart, despite what you have done, there is always a way to appeal to God’s love and have Him answer your prayers.


You need to fulfill 10 conditions to have your prayer answered:

  1. Forget the idol (6:41, 17:67). Very often the thing you are asking for in a prayer is actually your idol. For example, let’s say that you fall in love with someone, and you pray to God to make that person love you too. See, as long as you can not stop thinking about that person, and you are seeking their love, that person is your idol. That is the definition of an idol – someone or something you can not stop thinking about and you want to achieve their love – and God will not answer your prayer, because it is a condition to completely forget that person for God to answer your prayer. God says that it is mandatory to forget your idol for your prayer to get answered (6:41, 17:67).
  2. Don’t make the same prayer or request to someone else (6:71, 13:14, 17:67, 19:48, 25:68). Some people for example might pray to God to help them get a job, and then they meet a friend who works in that company, and ask them to help them get the job. Well, in this case God can say, “Let your friend answer your prayer.”
  3. Be active (7:128, 4:95). If you want a job, did you go to the job interview? If you want your diseases healed, go and visit the doctor, and then God will answer your prayer. God answers the prayers of those who are not lazy.
  4. Be steadfast (2:45, 39:53). If you pray to God, and it does not get answered for a while, and you lose your patience and say, “God did not answer it.” If you say that, you cancel your prayer.
  5. Believe that your prayer will be answered (13:14). If you don’t believe that a prayer will be answered, it is better not pray at all, because God is not to be tested. We are the ones who are being tested.
  6. You must really need what you ask for (6:42, 7:94). You can not be honest about your request, if you don’t really need something.
  7. The request needs to be good for you, not bad for you (5:101, 17:11).
  8. Gratify God with His beautiful names (7:180, 17:110). Call Him, “My Lord”, call Him “the Most Gracious”, call him “the Most Kind” while you are praying to Him. When you please God, He pleases you.
  9. Be righteous (5:27). God only accepts prayers from righteous people (5:27).
  10. Worship Him (2:186). God says in the Quran, “When my WORSHIPERS ask you about Me, I am always near. I answer their prayers when they pray to me…” So, God answers prayers of His WORSHIPERS.

Preferably, pray to God when you are alone (19:3, 2:271, 65:64), in a humble position (7:55, 6:63, 39:9), or even prostrating (39:9), at dawn (51:18), and when you are emotionally unstable either being in fear or hoping for something, or joyful or sad, and even better if you are crying (53:60). Now, let me show you how to pray, the best prayer, the best dua, which if you say it, God will answer it, guaranteed:


The Prayer (Dua):

My Lord, there is no god other than You. Be You glorified. I have wronged my soul. (21:87, 7:23, 28:16).

My Lord, please forgive me (7:151, 11:3, 11:90, 12:92, 14:41, 23:109, 23:118, 28:16, 38:24, 38:35, 51:18, 110:3, 2:285, 7:155, 59:10, 60:5, 3:16, 3:135, 3:147, 40:55, 2:286, 3:193, 7:155). I beg you (52:28, 11:90, 11:47, 110:3, 3:38, 4:32).

You are the Most Merciful (7:151, 12:92, 23:109, 23:118, 11:90, 2:128, 12:98, 52:28, 59:10).

I repent to you (11:3, 11:90, 38:24, 7:156, 46:15).

Save me from the retribution of Hell (40:7, 3:16, 2:201, 3:191, 26:87).

You are the Redeemer (110:3, 2:128).

My Lord, protect me from the devils (12:23, 14:35, 40:9, 23:97, 23:98, 40:27, 113:1-5, 114:1-6, 2:286).

Guide me in the right path (1:6, 28:22, 18:10)

Give me steadfastness, wisdom, and strength (7:126, 3:147, 20:31, 2:129, 26:83).

My Lord, grant me victory over the disbelievers (2:286, 3:147, 7:89, 23:26, 23:39, 26:118, 29:30, 60:5, 10:85, 10:86).

You are the Almighty (2:129, 40:8, 60:5).

My Lord, give me good things in this world, and give me good things in the next world (2:201, 7:156, 2:126, 28:24, 3:194, 4:32).

Admit me into the company of Your righteous worshipers (27:19, 27:59, 40:8, 7:151, 5:84, 23:94, 25:74, 26:83, 26:85, 3:193, 3:194).

You are the Most Kind (52:28, 3:8, 59:10, 38:35, 11:90).

Our Lord, let our spouses and children be a source of joy for us (25:74).

My Lord, have mercy on me, my parents, my family, and all the believers (17:24, 26:86, 26:169, 27:19, 2:286, 23:118, 12:92, 14:41, 23:109, 23:118, 3:8, 7:155, 12:98, 18:10, 46:15, 59:10).

I believe you, my Lord (3:16, 23:109, 3:53, 3:193, 5:83, 5:84, 7:89, 10:85).

You are the Hearer of the prayers (3:38, 2:127, 14:40).

Thank you, my Lord (27:19, 46:15, 14:7).


How the Prayer was Constructed?

This prayer (dua), was constructed by all the verses of the Quran where prayers are made, and they are simply a list of all the prayers (duas) in the Quran. So, this is a general-purpose voluntary prayer which anyone can make, and it essentially includes all the prayers of the Quran. Of course, your prayer does not have to be like this. It can be partially like this, but in that case, it is going to be partially answered –  you might ask for cookies for example and you get bread, but you always get something good, because God is good. God is better than your mother. So, whenever you pray to God, God definitely does something about it; He may grant it, grant it partially, grant it later, or forgive some of your sins. All of them are good. If you have no sins, and your prayer is perfect like this one, then there is only one choice: God grants your prayer. Now, here is where it gets complicated. What if you your father prayed something about you and it is in conflict with what you prayed? In that case, your father’s prayer is given priority. Prayer is like planting a tree. If your father planted an apple tree, and you want to plant an orange tree in the same place, the orange tree is not going to grow, because the apple tree is already there and you cannot cut it. It could be even worse. If your father did not pray at all, you are like an abandoned child in the desert with no trees; you might still survive but you will probably end up poor. And it will seem like God is not answering your prayers, and it might not seem fair, but that is simply how it works. God answers prayers in the order they are received, ceteris paribus; and your father had a chance to make his prayer or not make is prayer before you did. It gets even more complicated when the prayers are made partially correct by people, and they are answered partially, and then they get in conflict with one another, and part of one prayer is mixed the part of another prayer and millions of other prayers. It should be called ‘prayer jungle’, but people call it ‘luck’, because they don’t understand how these things work. Our fate is 100% correlated to previous prayers, the prayers of our ancestors, the prayers of angels, even Satan’s prayers; for example, we all have one common fate, death (21:35). This is because God is answering Satan’s prayer. Satan prayed to God, “Give me a respite until the day of resurrection” (7:14), and God gave him respite (7:15). Satan prayed before all of us, and he got his prayer answered. The more time passes, the more prayers are in existence, and the more likely it is that your prayer will be in conflict with previous prayers, and when the people in Hell pray to take them out (23:107), they will not be answered (43:77). Some people might say, “If God has already decided everything, including what you will get during your life, then why do we need to pray to Him? Is it going to change anything?” (7:164). Well it is true that God has already decided what people will get during their lifetime, and he has decided to give it both to those who pray and those who do not pray (2:126), but he also has decided who will get it deservedly (28:56). If He thinks you are one of the deserving ones, He will make you pray first and then give you the provision. And if He thinks that you are not of the deserving ones, then He will give you the provision before you get the chance to pray (17:18). Everything belongs to God (4:126), and any time you get something without having asked Him, you in are in fact stealing. No owner likes it when you get something from them without asking for it. But when you say, “Can I have it please?”. They might say, “Here you go. I was going to give it to you anyway, but thank you for asking.” Now, the best form of prayer is the Contact Prayer (Salat) (29:45) which is mandatory at specific times of the day (4:103), and it is more than just prayer; it’s also glorification (2:130), worship (20:14), and physical obedience to God (2:43), but in this article, we were talking about spontaneous voluntary prayer (Dua) (10:12), whenever you are emotional and need to talk to God (21:90), when you feel like you need something from God (40:60). See, wishes come from Satan (15:3), and prayer is simply a way to turn your evil wish into a positive request from God (6:43). It’s like telling Satan, you wanted to seduce me by giving me that wish, but look I have turned it into a form of worship for God.