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The Saudi tyrants have declared war on God, and God is sure to win. And the tyrants are fuming mad at me because I turned down their offer to buy me for a million dollars. They have grown accustomed to see our ‘Ulama bow down before their mighty dollar, and readily join their flimsy army of Satan.

The downfall of the Saudi dynasty is now assured. Literally millions of Muslims around the world have seen God’s miracle of Qur’an that is based on purely physical, incontrovertible facts, the Qur’an’s miraculous mathematical system.

In the face of this phenomenal popularity among all enlightened Muslims, the blind Saudi dynasty has mobilized a number of “Ulama” who are willing to make asses of themselves in return for a few dollars.

As reported in the last issue of M.P., we have witnessed the second ranking ‘Alem in the Saudi Religious Hierarchy, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Qa’ood state that BASMALA does NOT consist of 19 letters, and the Qur’an does NOT consist of 114 (19×6) Suras!!! To every Muslim who knows anything about Qur’an, these strange statements are equivalent to saying that the sun does NOT rise from the East. How arrogant can they get??!!

I apologize to all the asses of the world for insulting them by stating that a highly placed scholar who makes such absurd statements is making an ass of himself.

Based on the word of God, that He forsakes those who forsake Him, and humiliates those who declare war on Him, I herein predict that Fahd shall be the FINAL SAUDI KING.

(Rashad Khalifa, Editor)


By: Rashad Khalifa as Editor of Muslim Perspective, May, 1985

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