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Demographics of Heaven and Hell

From all the people on earth,

  • 66% of them will go to Hell forever,
  • 24% will go to Purgatory,
  • And 9.09% will go to Heaven – 9% in Paradise, and only 0.09% in the Higher Paradise.

How can we know? We can know this by combining verse 59:20 with verses 8:65 & 66.

Verse, 59:20 calls the believers “winners”. Then, in verse 8:65 God informs us that the believers will win against ten times as many disbelievers, and this is in the future tense in Arabic, using the word “WILL”, and it applies to any future victory – including Heavenly victory. So, for every person in Heaven, there will be ten people in Hell and Purgatory (8:65, 6:160).

Then, the people of Purgatory will join Paradise (7:49), after 1000 years of repentance (22:47, 29:14, 7:47). Once the people of Purgatory join Paradise, the Quran in verse 8:66 informs us that the believers would have defeated twice as many disbelievers. So, the people in Heaven and Purgatory would have defeated twice as many people in Hell (8:66, 2:265, 7:46).

People in Heaven will be in two Paradises – Paradise and the Higher Paradise (55:46, 55:62). For every 99 people in Paradise, there will be only one person in the Higher Paradise (38:23-24).

People in the Higher Paradise will be saved by God (37:74).

People in Paradise will be saved by God’s grace (3:170).

People in Purgatory will be saved God’s mercy (7:49).

And that is why the Quran starts with the phrase “In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful” (1:1)

People who refuse God, His grace, and His mercy will deserve God’s wrath – Hell (1:7, 3:162).

By the way, don’t let this graph fool you into thinking that Hell is big. Hell will be as small as the Earth’s Core (69:32), while Paradise will be bigger than the seven heavens (3:133), which is infinitely bigger (39:67).

In Paradise will go:

  • 9% of men (33:35, 49:13, 48:5)
  • 9% of women (33:35, 49:13, 48:5)
  • 9% of rich people (34:37)
  • 9% of poor people (34:37)
  • 9% of married people (34:37)
  • 9% of unmarried people (34:37)
  • 9% of people living today (56:39-40)
  • 9% of people from the past (56:39-40)
  • 9% of people from the future (56:39-40)
  • 9% of people living in cities (9:101)
  • 9% of people living in rural areas (9:101)
  • 9% of whites (49:13)
  • 9% of blacks (49:13)
  • 9% of Asians (49:13)
  • 9% of Semites (49:13)
  • 9% of every ethnicity (49:13)
  • 9% from any free democratic country (49:13) – the non-democratic countries today have anywhere from 8% of believers and their economy goes down, to about 10% of believers and their economy is booming.
  • 9% of powerful people (4:95)
  • 9% of weaker people (4:95)
  • 9% from any profession which is allowed (you might think that some professions are less honest. However, competition in a free market makes the less honest professions more crowded, and more competitive and therefore equally hard to live by.
  • 9% of people who went to school
  • 9% of people who did not go to school
  • 9% of smart people
  • 9% of not so smart people
  • 9% of active people (4:95)
  • 9% of passive people (4:95)
  • 9% of taller people (49:13)
  • 9% of shorter people (49:13)
  • Surprisingly, about 9% of the so called atheists (atheists are not necessarily bad; they are stupid; for example, babies are both atheists and submitters at the same time)
  • About 9% of religious people
  • About 9% of Muslim World
  • About 9% of Christian World
  • About 9% of Jewish World
  • About 9% Buddhist World
  • About 9% of Indian World
  • About 9% of Agnostics World

This does not make religions equally right, because from the wrong religious groups, the unfortunate mistreated people go to Heaven, and from the right religious groups, the fortunate people who help others go to Heaven.

Beware, Heaven is closed for:

  • Old Atheists (16:48, 26:86, 34:9)
  • Rich Christians (9:111, 5:82, 5:66, Mathew 19:24)
  • Political Jews (5:64, 5:84, 2:11)
  • Muslims who follow blindly (6:114-116)
  • Organized Buddhists (42:20)
  • Devout Hindus (4:116)
  • Agnostics who have opinions (30:29, 47:16, 39:9, 20:16)
  • Submitters who think that they know better than a living messenger of God (2:98, 49:1, 4:150)

So, is there any religious group which is the correct group of believers? Well, today, not completely (42:14), but from the people who believe this video right now, 99% of them will go to Heaven (3:7, 49:15, 9:88), and from the people who believe this video 40 years later, about 70% of them will go to Heaven (2:246, 59:10-11).

Now, what about Hell? 66.66% of any of the mentioned demographical groups will go to Hell:

  • 66% of men,
  • 66% of women,
  • 66% of poor people,
  • 66% of rich people, and so on…

However, in the very extremes, in the Higher Paradise which includes only 0.09% of people, and also in the Lowest Pit of Hell the distribution of people from different demographical groups is not the same. The Higher Paradise – the best of the best – and the Lowest Pit of Hell – the worst of the worst will include people who have more power in this world (16:76, 9;69, 40:21, 47:13), any kind of power reflected in demographical characteristics:

  • So, a higher proportion of rich people than poor people (16:76, 3:186).
  • a higher proportion of men than women (33:35, 4:176, 4:98),
  • a higher proportion of people from the past, less from now, even less from the future (56:13-14),
  • a higher proportion of Semites, slightly less from whites, blacks and Asians (33:33, 42:7)
  • a higher proportion of smart people than to not so smart people,
  • a higher proportion of Submitters, than Muslims, than Jews, than Christians, than Buddhists, than Indians (42:7).
  • a higher proportion of religious people than non-religious people.
  • a higher proportion of active than passive people (4:95).
  • a higher proportion of people who live their lives than those who experience their life through internet and TV

But, let me emphasize again that these demographical differences only apply in the extremes, among the best of the best and the worst of the worst. The rest of Heaven and the rest of Hell, and all of Purgatory, will have an equal distribution of all of these demographical groups, and even more so as people become more equal in power in the future (40:21).

If you are a believing parent, you might be concerned about your children. You might say, “O my God, my children have only a 9% chance of being believers”. Well, God is the most merciful, so he tweaks the percentages a little bit. If you had your child after becoming a believer, the chance of your child also being a believer doubles, up to 18% and if your spouse is also a believer, the chance doubles again, up to 36%, and if both you and your spouse strived actively in the cause of God, then the chances double again, up to 72% (18:80-81, 71:27, 3:34, 19:49, 11:71, 14:35, 14:40, 12:92). This still might not look enough, but the good news is that children do not have much power, and as long as they are dependent on you, they will mostly act as believers, and once you are gone, they will show their true face, which would not matter to you because you would be gone. So, children are a temporary blessing, be they believers or disbelievers. You must teach them and treat them all as believers (2:220)

To conclude:

The road to Heaven is narrow. Only 9.09% of people make it. If you are a truthful person, you have a 100% chance of making it to Heaven (5:119), and if you are an idol worshiper, you have a 0% chance of making it (4:48). Which one are you?